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1st Major SnowStorm

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Well we (hubby picked me up) just got home from work. Got off at 3:30 and just getting home now - normally I get home about 5-5:30 and we got home at 7pm!

More snow coming overnight - needless to say I'll be calling into work in the morning and getting to sleep in

Poor Keno pup - had her legs crossed and was trying to get out the door as fast as she could go - good girl held it all day (from 5am this morning).
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I can't wait, we're supposed to get 6-10 inches tonight, they said it would start around 3:00pm and it did, right on the button
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I am SOOO jealous!! It hasn't snowed way too bad here yet. Not enough snow for me! Although now we have to shovel the driveway at the house
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I like my snow in the Sierras where we can drive to it.
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They are talking about snow here on Sat. I don't have my studs on yet! I'm going to try to get them on Thursday, along with everybody and their brother!ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!
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Oh wow. I love snow as long as I can sit home and just look at it and like go out and mess around in it some. But I hate driving in it. We had flurries for a couple of days but nothing sticking.
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Well, it's getting kinda cold here, it was 62 today. We're supposed to dip down into the 50's next week with rain!
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Yep - snowing here, too! Some decided to hit their brakes in front of me off my interstate exit & spun clear around. Thank god didn't hit me! Had to work until 9PM - took forever to get home. I didn't see one single snow plow out yet!
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We are getting lots of snow too; Siri had a ton of fun on our nightly walk. He was literally a snow puppy by the time we got inside...

It took me an hour and fifteen mins to get home today...that's over a half an hour more than it takes to get home during normal rush hour! Lol! I cranked the x-mas music and enjoyed the ride!
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