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Blake - my big, fluffy, orange foster boy

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This is Blake, he came to me after living in a feral colony but was obviously once owned, so the person managing the colony brought him in off the streets. It's a bit of a long story, but he's with me for a week or two (or until we find him a home!).

He's a bit shy, but a real love bug - he purrs, rolls over and drools He loves being groomed which is good. You should see the solid ball of fur we've gotten out with the Furminator!

He has a cranky looking face, but he's all love

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Daayuum.......What a big fluffy handsome man he is
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And he's been living outside for however long! Imagine how gorgeous he'll be with some love
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He is so handsome!
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He was on my lap purring and drooling like mad (ewww!), so I put a kitty blanket on my lap and put him on that, and he kneaded like mad for a good 5 minutes before finally lying down again.

He takes up most of my lap! He's such a big, loooong boy compared to my little girls. He's only 10lb though, so I guess he's mostly fluff.
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Wow! He is one handsome boy. I love the one chipped ear - it gives him a bit of a bad-boy look.
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OMG he's so pretty. I think his face looks more streetwise than cranky
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He's beautiful.
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He's only 10 pounds? That's a lot of fluff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 17 pound Lazlo looks smaller than that!

He sounds like such a love and is sooooooo beautiful! Hard to imagine it's going to take long to find him the purrfect home.

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Ooohhh! What a handsome boy! So glad you could help him!
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He's barely picking at his food - only had a few pieces of kibble, and a few mouthfuls of wet food since last night. I think he's probably quite skinny under that fluff.

So I'm going to change dry food, and get some different brands of wet food and some baby food and see if I can get him eating some more.
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OH wow! He's gorgeous!!

I think your girls need a baby brother!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
OH wow! He's gorgeous!!

I think your girls need a baby brother!
I think Smudgey would have a heart attack if she saw him They've never seen cats bigger than them before!
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Here's some more pics He looks like he should be a big fat cat!

Turns out he loves catnip, so was rolling around playing with it.

Fingers crossed he decides to sleep all night tonight, rather than mewing pathetically at 4am and 6am!
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Oh and we've renamed him Samson... He seems more like a Samson, and neither of us can remember the name Blake
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Holy moly!!! That is a gorgeous kitty!!! He looks so happy, and contented.....and soft!
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He must think he's died and gone to heaven

What a gorgeous fluffball! I bet he misses you at night...
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Very handsome boy!!
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Oh I would love a gorgeous fluffbomb like that to snuggle up with! My Pushy drools, so I'm used to it.
Samson does suit him.
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He's gorgeous
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He's a very handsome cat!
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Oh he's just gorgeous!!
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Wow, he is a really beautiful cat.
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Oh he is so pretty
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What a gorgeous boy!
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