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News on the apartment

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Well after my cousin went and filled out the cosignment papers they decided that I wasn't going to need a cosigner and that they were checking my job history and stuff. Man thats alot of info for a tiny apartment. But I have a feeling it will work out because I have a pretty good job history.
I stopped by my neighbor's house for a minute or two and she told me her daughter has been trying to get in contact with me. So I called her and she is a Nurse Practitioner and she does the hiring for a home health facility and she wanted to hire me for a home health job. She said it would start out part time but should be able to go to fulltime. I will be working there and at the nursing home at first but hopefully be able to leave the nursing home after the first of the year. I will be pair per visit to homes and I will be working Mon-Fri and I set my schedule but the more availiable I am the more clients she can give me. Basically the better worker I am the better my paychecks will be. I went and filled out the application and my friend does the interviewing and she said she will be pulling hard for me. Matter of fact she contacted me not the other way around. So please send some prayers that this will pay very well and I can get started asap. And that this apartment complex calls me within the next couple of days and tells me to move in.
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Sending you lots of vibes for the new job and apartment!!
What a great way to start a new year.
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Sounds like Santa may be good to you this year!
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Good luck with everything Gail
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