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Best hair/lint remover

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What is the best thing to use to get kitty hair off of fleece, wool, etc? I have the sticky roller but that doesn't seem to do a very good job.
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Uh Oh, no one replied since yesterday? Now that's a very bad sign!

Yeah, lint rollers are pretty worthless on fleece. I've got one of those spongelike kitty hair lifters that is worthless on fleece also. The only thing that works for me is just washing it in the washer, period.

The color of the fleece matters greatly also, I find. I just put a brand new burgundy fleece couch cover on the sofa on Saturday. Four cats were sleeping on it Saturday night and the cover was loaded with hair by Sunday morning [sigh]. Before that I had a seafoam green couch cover of the same material and I swear I could go weeks without any noticeable cat hair on it [to the naked eye, anyway].
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I have been known to wind duct tape around my hand and use it like the roller.They also make a roller specifically for pet hair...try it?If worse comes to worse,for the fleece,you could spritz with water and throw in the dryer with a dryer sheet.I've done that and it's not 100% but not bad.Wouldn't be good for wool tho'.....
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I second the duct tape. Works for practically everything... and if you can't use duct tape, use bailing wire.
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I use duct tape. It's a lot stickier than those rollers.
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Duct tape it IS!
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Do you mean those sticky rollers that you wash? I buy rollers that you pull the sticky sheets off, they're really good at taking off all fur and hair. I wear alot of black clothes and sir poopsalot is white, so a lint roller is a must
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Never thought of duct tape before. Thanks for the suggestion.

We bought the ones designed for pet hair however they don't really work on all fabrics (fleece is one of them). I wear mostly dark colors, with 2 cats I cover in cat fur in the matter of hours.
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