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A christmas carol

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Do you like the movies they make out of this story? There have been several adaptions and variations of it, there was one done I've forgotten what year, but one of the earliest ones, starring I believe Alistar Sims, Mr. Magoo made one.. Do you have a favorite version? Mine is the George C. Scott version made in 1984.
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My favorite is definitely the George C. Scott one. But everyone says the Alistair Sim one is the absolute best. I still haven't seen that, though, so, as of now.....George C. Scott. I thought he was brilliant in it.

My favorite moment in all of them is when Scrooge realizes all of this has happened in one night, and he still can right his miserable life. I always laugh and cry. Especially when he sees the boy out the window and tells him to go and buy the biggest bird he can find....and then says, "Wonderful boy...remarkable boy." It always makes me laugh.
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Allistar Sims is the original one, right? I love that one.
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Alistair Sims for me, because it's old, black and white and i can always picture how it must have been like in Charles Dickens era
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