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Gotta go. :(

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Logged on tonight for the first time since Monday....had 234 e-mail notifications of new threads here. I went through (with some help from Hissy) as many as I could....want to apologize to any of you that I may have missed anything important. It was just too much to keep up with.

My thoughts are with you all!!!!
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Debby, nobody here expects you to keep up w/ and reply to every thread. That is humanly impossible since the boards have grown so much over the past years. I'm not sure why you feel so compelled to read and reply to each one, but please take the pressure off of yourself and just read what you can. This is supposed to be for fun, not a task.
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For goodness sake, girl.....get rid of those email notifications! Coming here is supposed to be relaxing time for you and not a huge chore!

Hey, everybody out there!

Debby loves and cares about all of you, and would have you all over for dinner if she could.

Now, chill out, woman. Everybody knows that you have a lot on your plate.
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Debby, you are one of the reasons I want to get back in touch here. I loves 'ya
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<----- feeling slighted........
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DEB25, Suck it up ! You know I CANNOT speak of the "Love" we share in public. . . . . .
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Shh! The cat's fur is standing on end!
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Darlene!!! It so good to see you!!!! I love you too and I miss you!!

Deb and Daniela, you are right of course. I need to stop saying how sorry I am that I am missing threads here...I am sure everyone has gotten the point by now that it isn't because I don't care and they are probably sick of hearing me say so!
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I am frantically sewing you a cape made out of buffalo hide- it says

SUPER POSTER! Now, are you smiling? GOOD! No one expects you to answer every darn post on this board, so why do you try? YOu know I love you- and yes, I am trying to take the pressure off by sending you those emails!
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