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Males vs Females

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I was just wandering about which is the better of the two sexes to raise. Those of you who have both, which is easier, a male or female? I am planning on getting a female kitten after I have Jake neutered.

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I can't tell you that one sex of cat is better than the other, but I can tell you my experiences. I have had three cats in the past, all males. All three of them are gone. they went outside, and just didn't come back. one, I brought in from the street when I was 8, so as I look back, it's no big surprise that he took off. I now have my first girl kitty, and so far, she doesn't even want to go outside. I have had no trouble with her trying to run away. However, all of my cats (with the possible exception of my street kitty, White Socks) have been the sweetest things ever. This may just be the opinion of a little girl who loved her cats too much to see any bad in them, but I loved them all. Every cat's different, and in my experience, they all make wonderful pets, no matter their gender. I love them all!
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I know a lot of people have a prefrence. I personally don't find that gender has a whole lot to do with it. I have 10 cats..3 are male and the rest female. It wasnt a gender decision though. Thats just how it happened. I have a male who is just as loving as my females. So, I say...take one of each
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One word of advice, get an older cat this time. Your son is only 3 and like I said in my other post, kittens and 3 year olds don't mix. Either that or wait till your son gets a little older and can understand that cats are not to be abused.
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Personally, I prefer male cats over female cats. The male cats I've had have been more affectionate, outgoing, and playful than Muffy. Of course, Muffy is very laid back, and it may have nothing to do with her gender. She's a sweet cat, but very independent and standoffish. But she's so patient with the kids. Anyway, the next cat I get will definately be a male again.

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I definately agree with Dawn, I find male cats much more easy going and affectionate. My boys are constantly after rubs and kisses and are always in your face. The cat I had when I lived back home is a female and she is very picky, only wants attention when SHE wants it, and don't even try to pick her up. If she doesn't want you there she will hiss, scratch and bite until you go away, but then two minutes later she could be on your lap. Very unpredictable. It was the same way with my boyfriend's previous cat. I love all cats and wouldn't turn any away, but having a choice I would choose male.
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Oh...I would also like to add that color can play a BIG part in the issue as well.
It kills me about the Males...All my females are much sweeter than my males...well except the tortie and my red and white tabby.
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I prefer males, as well, but don't ask me for a scientifically based explanation.
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With cats I had years ago I always found the males to be much more affectionate.
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I never figured there was a difference after the cats were fixed. My sister is getting a male Tonkinese kitten, and we chose a male because on the breeder's web page FAQ's she states that fixed females will strive for top cat while fixed males are more easygoing.
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This will confuse you more. My females have always been more affection, especially my oldest female who has three kittens. Buell, the female kitten is somewhat aloof at times. Wiggles (male)is totally a cuddle kitten, and his brother Samson cuddles sometimes but would rather just wrestle with my hand! It must just be the way they grow up lol!
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I am completely biased, but I have two males (brothers) and I cannot imagine two sweeter, more affectionate kitties. They follow me around the house (even to the bathroom), sleep as close to me as possible and run to the door to greet me when I come home. I don't know if it's just their personalities or their gender, but I am devoted to having male cats because of these two---NEUTERED, of course!
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I agree that males are more affectionate. I have two females who are really affectionate but on the whole my males are love bugs. I agree with Sandie about the colors. I have two red females who are total witches. I guess you just have to go with whichever kitten just hits your heart the right way.
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That's weird! I have always heard that reds/oranges have the best dispositions!
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I have only seen a handful of sweet outgoing reds. That goes for torties too. My torbie has a dual personality. On occasion the tortie comes out but usually I am dealing with the tabby attitude. Now my red and white tabby is a straight out booger.
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And to think I came within inches of bringing home red kitten #3 today. Maybe I've just lucked out with my 2. One of my best friends (another cat person) firmly believes that cats reflect the personalities of their owners.
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Okay, what are you trying to say??
I honestly think that if this is true, I have a serious personality disorder. All my cats are a little different in many ways. Of course I do beleive that how they behave and act have a lot to do with their surroundings. They can really tell how much they are loved and wanted. I guess maybe my tortie and my red tabby get the tude from hubby..hehe.
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LOL, Sandie! I thought about how that remark was going to be taken right as I clicked on "Submit Reply". I figured it made me sound egotistic.

The point was that I really don't think it's gender or color. It has to do with the home and being loved. Plus, like human kids, they are all unique.
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hehe, no I knew what you meant. It is pretty hard to offend me anyway.
SO now that we have gotten a little off topic and its 1030 so I am getting a little goofy. I also would like to add that how they are handled and treated at a very young age makes a difference. True, some things you can change with patience and a kind heart, but sometimes the damage is already done. One of mine was seriously neglected as a young girl. Now she ONLY trusts hubby and I. When new people come over she is scared to death. I can do whatever I want to her, but may the lord help anyone else who tries to do something she doesnt like. They would be confetti in seconds.
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I'm with Deb on the orange kitties: they are always sweeties! And I've got 3 so I'm an expert Gray tabbies seem to be the most cuddley, and I always thought black cats were the most aloof and timid. My three black baby boys are quickly changing my mind on that though! (Ha, you knew I would have to brag on my kitties in here) They and their blue/cream sister are almost 4 weeks old now, and they are starting to explore. It was so cute today when I got up to leave, they all followed me to the door *mew mew mew* Awesome.
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