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Poor sick meezer

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Today was my shelter day. I was taking cats out of the cages to play and socialize when a lady brought in this cat. The cat had been around her house for over a week, had quit eating, and was the skinniest cat I had ever seen.

She was clearly someone's pet, and but had been neglected. I volunteered to take her to the vet for a quick check and I told them I would spend up to $100 on whatever they needed to do, if there was any possibility for her.

The vet tech took a quick look at her and rushed her into the back. I told them no heroics; they said the heroics probably wouldn't help anyway. The vet found signs of a mass above her soft palate. I had been afraid of something like that, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just something stuck in the back of her mouth or something.

So, I took her back to the shelter, where they put her to sleep. Poor sweet baby. She talked to us to the end, and I thought she might have already died when I took the photo above on the way back to the shelter. But when I got there, she was still alive, if only just barely.
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that poor girl

Play happily at the Rainbow Bridge
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I hate people like that.
Sorry she was to sick to be saved.
I have tears in my eyes.
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R.I.P. sweet girl knowing that at least someone cared enough to give you the dignity you deserved.

(I get mad about this stuff because when we go through this at our shelter I always feel like I'm cleaning up someone elses mess.)
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Awwww....bless her heart

May she RIP
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Rest in Peace Sweet Girl.
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That poor sweet girl, may she rest in peace.

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Rest in peace beautiful baby
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The poor little girl You can tell her soul was leaving her in that picture by her eyes From the sounds of things she must have been in pain as well

Have a fast and safe crossing angel, your going to be happy and healthy once again at the bridge

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Poor sweet girl. At least she knew friendly comfort at the end, and held on long enough so that her pic was posted here, and when we too cross RB, we will recognize her as one of our TCS RB kitties Bless you for caring so much for those kitties in need.
Play happily over RB, little Meezer girl
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Oh it's all just so sad though.

RIP sweet Meezer. I'm glad you knew tenderness in the end.

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She was only middle-aged, according to the vet, and was actually in pretty good shape, good heartbeat, clear lungs. I can just imagine what she looked like before she got sick.

Someone will find her at the bridge and love her again.
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Oh dear... Rest in peace, poor sweet baby
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