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Reusing syringes?

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In the past 3 weeks I've gone through so many syringes with feeding this little guy..
I read somewhere that you can do something to be able to reuse them after they start sticking and get harder to push. But I can't find it anywhere.

Anyone have any idea?
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doesn't washing them work? maybe lube them a bit w/some non-stick spray?
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I know if you soak them in warm vinegar water it will sanitize and remove all residue. I use organic apple cider, which is safe for cats.
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autoclave them? Is that even possible at home? I wouldn't worry about it just rinse them out...
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Depending on the size syringe, and how often you are using it, you can get them to last a few days to about a week. Usually, after a few days I would have to replace them, because they don't move anymore either. It is usually the little rubber piece in the syringe, that is getting worn and makes it difficult to use. Once this is worn, you have to just replace it. However, you can reuse the syringes as long as they are working well, for feeding and administering medicines. Washing them and rinsing them out well is fine. You can take the two pieces apart and clean them better that way. However, when it comes to using a syringe on a different cat, it is best to start with a brand new one, to avoid spreading germs, disease, or viruses from one cat to another.
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I reuse them as long as I can clean and move them properly. After use I soak them in a weak disinfectant solution and then wash them thoroughly in hot water. They usually last a week or so.
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