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Do your cats rotate their sleeping places?

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I noticed a lot with Maisie but not so much with Kitty, that they have favourite sleeping places and every so often they change around.

For instance, Kittys places are the sofa, the arm chair and my bed. He likes to lay under the radiators too but that`s usually in the evening. At the moment he`s loving the sofa.

Maisie on the other hand, has a bed up in the cupboard, a bed in a cardboard box, a vet bed on top of the dresser, a cat bed under the chair, my bed and a blanket on top of the bedside cupboard At the moment she is loving her bed that`s under the chair.

Every few weeks she will change and and they all get used the same, that`s why she has so many, because she uses all of them in turn.

Does everybodies else cats do this?
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Yup. My cats are all over the place. I think its a good thing they aren't territorial over spots, they all share. Beds, sofa, floorspace, closets....everywhere.
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The only places Nora will actually sleep are on the top of the back of the sofa on hubby side, on a folding chair we have (that is one of her favorite places to sleep, so we leave it out for her), on a chair in our computer room, and on our bed.

Milo will sleep anywhere, and pretty much just flops down wherever he happens to be when he gets tired. lol
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Yep, our cats rotate their spots too! They pretty much share the same sleeping spots, except for one - only Wiggies will sleep in the cat bed. It's too soft for Pushy.
They seem to take turns about who's sleeping where too.
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they sorta rotate, but there are spots that I know a certain cat will be, if that makes sense Deedle loves to sleep on my bed or on top of the bunk beds in the cat room. Po and Pers like to sleep on the back of the couch. Circe likes the cat bed on top of the entertainment center..... the list goes on forever
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Mine like to mess with DH. He will see one of them sleeping in a spot. Then he looks again after 5 minutes and there is a different cat in the same position in the same spot.
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Mine will sleep everywhere and anywhere, paying special attention to spots that I have just cleaned or vacuumed!

Let's see...

Chynna: She likes to sleep in the following places, in no particular order:
- pots cupboard
- foot of bed
- pillow next to my head
- top of desk
- chair beside me
- dining room chair
- shelf on computer desk
- rug under the coffee table
- end table
- either of the 2 cushions on the love seat
- either of the 2 pillow backs on the love seat
- either of the 3 pillow backs on the couch
- bedroom closet on a box
- behind the water bed

Abby likes to sleep in the following places, no particular order, and when Chynna isn't in the spot:
- either of the 2 cushions on the love seat
- either of the 2 pillow backs on the love seat
- either of the 3 pillow backs on the couch
- two of 3 cushions on the couch
- on the rub next to the couch
- bedroom closet on a box
- inside one of the water bed drawers
- pasted against me in bed
- next to the pillow by my head
- top of desk
- chair beside me
- dining room chair

I have no sacred places here
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All of mine trade off also. During the day, several of them are on the couch, alone or in a pile, with some on the back. One or two may be upstairs on the bed or in the window or on the chest at end of the bed. I have 2 wicker baskets, and those are great on sunny days, plus we have a cat bed Lilly-Rose and Tweety trade off sleeping in and also the cat tree. Chandler Ray has a habit of taking my place as soon as I get up. Even at night in bed, they trade off, sometimes at the foot, sometimes on or next to me and sometimes on the pillow. They have their "favorite" place for a while, then change it after a few days or weeks.
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of all the wicket basket, 'proper' bed, cushions we'd bought for kimi, she prefers to sleep

1) under the sofa, on e wooden floor
2) if im sleeping on the sofa-> the coffee table next to the sofa
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Riley changes places every month or so. He will sleep in one cat bad for a while, then move to our bed, then a different cat bed, then the bathtub, etc.
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Mine move all over too
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I noticed with past cats it seems to be on a 2 week basis. Sleep one place for about 2 weeks then change. Possibly some behavior left over from the wild.
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Ours move all over, but there are some favorite spots. Peanut is almost always either on top of my computer monitor or on the futon. Wooward likes the futon, or the top of the record player. Garfield's favorite spot is the footstool but occasionally I'll find him somewhere else. Grabat likes the top of the sattelite dish box that sits on the tv, or she's on the futon. Spooky Bear likes to leave the room and sleep on the steps, or if he stays in the room he finds the closest closed box to sleep on top of. The rest of them generally move all over and I almost never find them in the same place twice.
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Sunny sleeps inside the sofa. Its one of those retractable bed things. He goes underneath, climbs up to the ledge inside and sleeps. If I call him, I hear scraping sounds and he runs out from the bottom
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Quill has a few favourite places Right at this moment he's dozing on the dining room table. He started sleeping with me last night, a few weeks ago he was on the old trunk in the spare room, I've caught him in the bathtub, in the chair, on top of the fridge, in the windowsill, and on top of the couch. He also likes curling up with paper and plastic bags.
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Short answer is yes
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definitely. Average stay per spot = 3 weeks
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Yes! They always seem to have a new place that they are obsessed with! They will choose one place and sleep there all the time for a while and I always know where to find them. Then after a while they will choose a different place.
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