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New members of the family

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I posted a while back when my wife and I adopted two kittens - Apollo and Orion. They are now 7 months old and doing well...a.k.a. they are absolutely headaches, they're insane, they like to destroy things, and we love them to death.

This past Saturday, we adopted two more cats. They're both 3 years old, one month apart in age. One is a very shy tuxedo, and the other is a gigantic, blimp-sized Holstein cat. The Holstein, probably going to be "George", is extremely friendly. They're both from a foster house that had 11 cats, so George just wants to get out and become friends with Apollo and Orion. He is very curious currently, and loves having his belly rubbed. The tuxedo just hides all day - we'll take it slow with her.

I'll try to post pictures tonight, but I don't know if I can stand far enough away to get all of George into one frame. He's 18 pounds (and yes, we're looking into it)!

The previous owner was an autistic gentleman who couldn't keep a job or a house, sadly. After three years, he eventually realized it was time to give the cats up to a more stable home.

Little did he know that the cats are now housed with Apollo and Orion, the most unstable cats in the universe.

They will all be loved and cared for, as long as Apollo and Orion approve. We've started introductions, and like I said - George wants to be buddies, but Apollo and Orion are a bit stand-offish. No fighting, nothing extreme...and Orion is already starting to warm up to him!
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Sounds like a fun household! I cannot wait to see pics. I love tux's..have three myself, and my favorite cat of my sisters was a holstein...in fact that was her name!

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I would love to see pics.
As you see in my sig I have2 tuxedos and cleo is a another black and white.
She will be here on Weds if the weather holds.
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Can't wait to see some pictures
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