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Anyone suffer from an allergy to cats?

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I am studying for a BA in Animal Behaviour and I am looking to gather information from cat allergy sufferers. If you live in the UK, suffer from cat allergies or know someone that suffers from cat allergies please take a few minutes to complete the attached online questionnaire or pass onto any friends that may suffer.
Many thanks for your time.
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I'm not from the UK, but my SO and I both suffer from cat allergies. I get itchy eyes, and hives if they rub their sent/lick me. I have no idea why

(I didn't take the survey)
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I am not from the U.K. but I am allergic to cats and alot of other stuff.
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I just took the survey and not sure if it went through.
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I'm not in the UK either, but do have allergies to my cats. I would be willing to take the survey if you would like.
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Thank you to all that have completed the survey so far And thank you to those of you outside the UK for your offer of completion
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I don't live in the UK, and I do have allergies around cats. I get a runny nose and itchy eyes. But this is only if I pet them and then, I dunno, pick my nose or poke my eyes.
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Unfortunately, I don't live in the UK. Otherwise I'd participate, because I'm allergic to cats.
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im in uk and have taken the questionnaire
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I have a mild allergy to my girls. I will get itchy and my eyes always are watery. But it is all worth it when my girls coming to me purring up a storm.
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Thanks again to those of you that have taken time out to complete this questionnaire
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Not from the UK either, but Canada does fall under the Crown

I have allergies to cat dander. Regularly brushing my cats, and twice weekly vacuuming of the furniture, floors and carpet usually help.

My symptoms: runny, watery, itchy eyes; frequent sneezing; runny and/or stuffy nose;
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