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OM Gosh what a deal!!!!

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Since having kids and me not working I longed to get my husband something for our anniversary and/or Christmas. Well this year I was bound an determined to get him something even if I could not spend a lot. Well I went to this pawn shop in town that I go to a lot to see what they had plus they have layaway so that helps. Well that had this nice Fossil watch marked down from 40.00 to 20.00. This was a perfect price for me. I has a blue face, stainless steel band, with what I thought was a fake diamond. Here is a online picture of the watch:

Well I get the watch out of layaway and came home. Decided to call Fossil to get some info on the watch mainly if I could still get links for that watch. Well I found out the watch was made in '04, the diamond is real, and it retails for 95.00 and I got it for 20.00. I was really shocked at the deal I got on it. All he needs to do is get a new battery for it. And its in great shape. No scratches on the face and minor wear on the band.
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That is a great deal!

I've gone to pawn shops in the past to buy stuff. You have to be careful what you buy because they can really gouge you.

I've bought jewellery there in the past for $40 or so and had it appraised at over $1,000.00.
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You might have to take it to a dealer to get the battery changed. My DH has a fossil watch and that's what he had to do. He took it to WalMart and Target originally and they weren't equipped with the right tool to take the back off to replace it.

Good luck and great deal!!!!
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That is a great deal, and I'm sure he'll love it. My sister has gotten some really great jewelry from pawn shops.
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