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My beautiful baby Lucas today:)

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Hello everyone:

My Lucas has been very sick, he was diagnosed with a type of Lupus like a month ago, he has been responding well to his treatment and he is feeling a lot better. We have an appointment with his vet today, hopefully he will lower the doses of his meds today He is eating well and looking adorable. Here is a pic oh him I took minutes ago, he was playing on my Mom's bed.

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What a handsome little boy he is Lots of healthy coming his way for good measure, but that's great that he's doing a lot better
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Oh Tamar he looks wonderful!!
He has the sweetest face, what a handsome boy.
Hopefully everything goes well at the vet
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I hope everything goes well too.....he looks like such a sweetie
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Look at those beautiful eyes!
He`s a real stunner. I hope he`s feeling better now.
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Awww, Bless him I hope he continues to feel better
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Thank you all so mich he is doing a lot better, and he is soo spoiled! Since he got sick he has been sleeping in my bed every night and we have been giving him a lot of attention and of course lots love and new toys, hehe. He deserves the best
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I can't get over how beautiful he is! I'm glad he's responding well to treatment; he certainly looks happy and healthy!
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Such a beautiful lynxie boy! Glad he's doing better!
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He's such a gorgeous boy! Look at that face!
I'm so glad he's doing better and that you've found a treatment the works for him.
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Awwww... He is so cute...
I have been reading a lot about Transfer Factor, which is supposedly really good for autoimmune diseases... Have you heard/tried it? I can't give you personal feedback, but the responses are so amazing; I would research about it...
Good Luck!
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He's so handsome....what beautiful eyes! I'm so glad he's doing better.
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Lucas is such a handsome boy Lots of health vibes coming his way I hope he recovers soon!
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