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I can't believe.....

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Thread Starter Larry loves Petromalt!!!

I get the tube out, he sits there, practically salivating while I put some of it on my finger, then he gloms onto it. I've never had a cat who loves it so much!! Normally, I've had to put it on their paws, so they have to lick it off.

'course....Larry will eat anything that's put in front of him.
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Hmmm...if he loves it that much, make sure you put it away where he can't reach it.

My Max loves it SO much that one day I found the tube on the floor, ripped open and loaded with teeth and claw marks, lying in a very, very slowly spreading puddle of petromalt ooze.

That goop is nearly impossible to clean out of a rug. And cleaning the litter box was, uhm, interesting for a few days.
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Oh, dear. I always wondered what would happen if he got too much of it.

But it's always been safely put away in a cupboard. He hasn't figured out how to open the cupboards......yet.
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