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Should I move them?

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I have my two ferals, Rocky and his momma, Minnow, in my basement.
Rocky will come down and play and eat and even sleep, if I am down there as long as I don't act like I know he is there, but Momma rarely comes down if I am around.
I am wondering if my basement is too big of a space? I have a spare bedroom that I can put them in if I need to. I really want to get them socialized and more trusting.
My only reason for not doing this yet is that I am afraid I will not catch them or that they will lose what little trust they have in me. Plus it is quieter in the basement, there is more activity where the bedroom is, between us and the house cats, the noise level would be more if they were in the bedroom.
They both hang out in spaces in my rafters, I can get a chair and reach up and grab them if I have to (wearing gloves and long sleeves of course) but if they get loose from me or jump down before I can grab them, they will run.
They have never growled or hissed at me but there is a first time for everything!

Rocky has been getting curious and going to the top of the basement stairs and sitting by the door. My other cats sit there and put their paws underneath and sniff a lot.
My youngest kitten goes down with me and he and Rocky have sniffed each other and Rocky follows him around the basement. My kitten hissed at Rocky once when Rocky went to grab a toy and startled him, but other than that, no fighting from them! Which is good! My kitten did stick his paw in and swipe a Minnow, I think he was trying to play since he didn't hiss or growl, but I am keeping him away from her just in case, I don't want him scaring her.

So, do you think it would be worth it to move them to a smaller space?
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If they have enough places to hide and still feel secure in the basement I'd keep them there. While your down there you migh try reading outloud though. It should help them acclimate to your presence and voice.
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If they are comfortable down there, then I would keep them there and let them slowly get used to do.

It can help to socialise ferals faster if they are separated though, so if you can catch Rocky and put him in the bedroom, it might help socialise him faster.
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Thanks! I was thinking about it last night and I would rather keep them in the basement, there is less chance of them getting out and running around the house and they are comfortable there.

I brought my kitten down again last night to see Rocky, they are about the same age. My kitten was trying to play, he would go to chase Rocky and Rocky would make a noise and run-it was cute!

Also, Rocky was at the top of the basement stairs and I put my fingers under the door and he was trying to grab them.

He got a little closer to me last night, I think having Bernie (my little one) down there helped him out. I was playing with Bernie and petting him and Rocky sat nearby and watched and followed Bernie all around.

I am still trying to catch Rocky's siblings too, so maybe he will have a playmate soon
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I have used my resident, social cats to help mentor feral kittens. If the feral kitten sees a "friend" that is friendly to the big scary humans, they often become less afraid of you. Cats learn from each other far better than they learn from us.
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Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. And Bernie seems to enjoy it.
I make sure that Rocky sees me pet Bernie and play with him.
Bernie is being really good, no hissing except for the one time. I think he is just curious and wants to play
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I wanted to give you a progress report and show more pictures.
Rocky is playing more and Minnow has been coming down from her hidey hole when I am hanging out with them! She even sat on the stairs!

Rocky Playing

Minnow heading towards the stairs

Minnow on the stairs

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