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Fashion Question

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My boyfriends Mom just bought me the most beautiful shirt for a cruise we are going on next week. Can anyone tell me what the style is? It looks 80’s style, it looks like a dress but it’s really just a long shirt you bunch up at the bottom, it tight at the bottom but sort of balloons out.

I’m so not fashionable LOL the ladies at the clothing stores and my Mom still dresses me. Since I know most of you guys really know what you are talking about I thought id ask my fellow awesome cat lovers. I just have no clue what to wear with this shirt… I was thinking tights that show my ankle with stiletto heels. Not sure if that would work?

Can anyone name me what style this shirt is and what bottoms to wear with it!

Thanks =)

EDIT: Its for the nice dinners at night BTW. Nothing totally fancy, but nice.
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got a pic?
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Where are you going on your cruise?

Does it have a band of material around the bottom and then bunch out?

If so, you can actually do many things with it. You can wear it as a mini dress (pulling down past your hips of course), you can wear it with jeans and sandals, you can wear it with dressier pants.
I would love to see a pic of it too.
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I would love to see a pic.
I might know what it is but need to see first.
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I think a photo is necessary.
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Sounds like a tulip dress aka bubble dress. Does it look like this?

Some have the bubble shape with elastic at the bottom, others have a doubled over layer of fabric without the elastic.
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If it is like any of the last 3 posted above I'd say just wear it with a pair of dark wash fitted jeans and nice shoes.
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If it is the type of dress that I am thinking of, it is a retro 80s dress which is very in.

Look at this site:

If the cruise is to a warm climate, you can wear it without hose but otherwise patterned hose would be great.
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Yes! It is sort of like:

Very close! I’ll get a pic as soon as my batteries charge up (going green with rechargeable batteries lol). I was worried about wearing it as a dress as I wasn’t sure that was how they were worn. Plus my boyfriend is already complaining my cruise dresses are too short and tight! Pft!! We are going on a cruise, what does he expect huge, long, heavy gowns! The pics are pretty much the style I have.

Thanks guys so much for the advice!

The cruise is going to three places, Puerto Rico, St.Thomas, and St. Maarten. Its on Freedom of the seas royal Caribbean. I am looking forward to it! My sister is getting married on the cruise so it’s a family vacation… cant get better then that for me! 22 people going… I am so excited I have been shopping wayyyyy to much for cute little outfits lol.
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if you dont want to wear it as a dress another big style is wear some capri length leggings under the dress.
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