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Here is my kitty...Bam!
I only have a few pictures of him so far...and they are not the best.But I promise there will be more to come!!

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Oh my....Bam is a very handsome boy.
It looks like he really enjoys his furry mouse toy.
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Oh yeah! He loves that.Furry mice and jingle balls...he loves.
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What a lovely boy! Welcome to TCS, Bam. Hope to see lots of you.
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Bam looks a lot like my Scamper girl! He's a very handsome fellow
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He is a very handsome boy!
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awww he is very cute!
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He's adorable Love his spot
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awww he looks so cute!
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Thank you everyone!
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Awwww Bam looks like he's really opening up more now, and he's enjoying his mouse too! I love that little black smudge on his nose What a sweet-looking boy
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Pretty kitty
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Thanks! Yeah,he definatly has opened up more.
I have a few new pictures which I will upload within the next few days.
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he is such a cutie, I love the spot on his nose, he looks a lot like a foster kitten of mine named Tornado, he was adorable
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Thank you!
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