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kittens back legs don't work right

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My female kitten started limping on one leg ,I thought it had been stepped on,but then she starting limping on both. She doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, she still plays, when she runs she uses both feet at the same time. She looks like a bunny running. Can cats get polio? What are the symptoms? What else could be wrong with her? Thank you for your help.
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Welcome to TheCatSite.
What is your kitty's name?

It would be impossible to diagnose online, the reason your kitty is having problems with her back legs

She might not appear to be in pain but please remember, as a survival mechanism, cats tend to hide pain.
I urge you to get her to your vet right away.
Now is not the time to be guessing about what might be wrong.

Please let us know what you find out.
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Please take your kitty to the Vet, TODAY. Only a qualified Vet can properly assess and hopefully figure out what's wrong. The symptoms you describe, as I'm sure you know, are surely not at all normal. Don't put it off, please - to the Vet as soon as possible......

What type of cat food do you feed, by the way?
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my kittens eat indoor formula Purina Cat Chow and if I could afford a vet I would have already been there.Thanks for your help anyway.
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Her name is Coco.
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Is there anyway to get money to go to the vet?
I had a kitten like that and he died.
Was only 6 weeks old when we lost him.
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It is a shame that money is so tight for so many right now.

I know that you care about Coco or you would not have come to TCS.
There are many possible causes for her hind leg weakness...
some serious, some possibly life threatening.
Coco really does need to see a vet.
I hope that you find a way to get her the help she needs.
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So sorry about your kittens legs. Having trouble like that could be very serious. Only a vet can help. Problems with the legs could be related to the spinal cord, maybe an injury. Without prompt treatment from a vet it could cost more in the end. A vet might correct this problem where as if you let it go much more damage could be done that will cost more to treat.

Have you looked at this ?
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I just wanted to mention that a lot of kittens use both legs when running and run like bunnies, that may not be a cause for concern. How old is Coco? When you described it, it sounded like she was still able to run this is very good! When does she limp, is it when she is still waking up? That might be normal for a really really young kitten- mine did that when he was still 4 or 5 weeks old and it freaked me out at first... I really hope that it turns out to be nothing! Sending her lots of hugs!
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Yes, this could be very serious. Your cat needs a vet right away. You can explain your financial situation to the vet -- in this kind of an emergency, they may be willing to treat the cat now and work out a long-term payment plan.
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By any chance, did your kitten suffer a fall, getting stepped on, or getting her tail caught in something soon before this started?
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When both legs go, it might be a sign of a neurological problem.

I saw a kitten at a shelter once who ran the same way as you described, but when she tried to stop suddenly, her back end kept going and her hind legs flipped over her head. The kitten was diagnosed with a neurologic disease. She was not in pain and was very playful.

We can only give you ideas. A vet is going to be the only one qualified to diagnose her.
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