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Wanting to do Things Right - New Cat

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I have two cats that are approaching two years of age who are littermates and have had no problems with each other. Niko is extremely affectionate, always sitting on my lap and purring. Mischeif is everything the name implies. She doesn't like being held, but she loves playing and she's a great cat. She compliments her sister very well.

My roommate just got a new kitten. An Egyptian Mau who is only 9 weeks old. He wasn't around to pick up Isis so I went and picked up Isis and made the new kitten feel at home. I played with her and pet her and she seems to be adjusting well.

The problem is the other two seem distressed over this. They have only seen Isis - I haven't let them do anything more then that - they currently are in seperate rooms. Now Niko won't come anywhere near me, running away from me and making small pathetic sounding chirping noises like I have done this great injustice to her. Mischeif sniffs me and runs away.

I want to introduce these cats right and I have read many different methods on the internet. Where as I have found many solutions to cat introductions I have not found much about the jealousy that incurs from the resident cats and how to deal with that. Any ideas? I don't want my cats to think they have been abandoned or replaced.
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What about using interactive toys to lure your babies? Most kitties love interactive toys.

My babies get defensive whenever i bring other kitties in the house. However, they know mommy adores them. How? i use interactive toys to play with them, spending time with them. A lot of stuff out there are really cool.

Some toys to ponder over:

1. Feather toys
2. Pheasant feathers - MOST kitties flip over this
3. Flying bugs - i use a butterfly to tease Daisy a lot ..
4. Slithering snake - another great and mighty interactive toy, i tell you.
5. The ones with a bunch of fur on it, preferably with a bell
6. Soft, tiny and light weight throw toys

Oh well, this is just my opinion. Not sure whether it will work for you? Just spend more time on your babies -- i am sure they will come around, realizing that you still love them a lot!

Take care...!

Smiles and Cheers!
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If you haven't already read this, the article here "I'd Like You To Meet...." is a tried and true method. It has worked for literally hundreds of cat families. Be sure to spend extra time with your kitties, they are a little tiffed right now. You brought another cat into THEIR home! They want to make sure their territory is safe, and that you are still THEIR person. Like Shirley said, interactive toys are great, give them their favorite treats (wet food, etc.) and lavish as much attention on them as they will allow. You have to reassure them that they are still the top cats, not this newcomer. I'm sure they will come around.
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Thanks for the suggestions. :-)

My roommate has let Isis wander free around the apartment a couple of times despite my recommendation against it. Now Mischeif seems ticked at everyone hissing at even her sister. I was wondering if they are also a little more distressed because Isis has a tendency to lick people's hands when they are around her. I don't think my cats like that smell of her on my hands. They also get really upset when they hear Isis cry, and Isis cries anytime someone isn't with her.

Hopefully this works well among the three cats. :-)
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I must have strange cats. They number 5 now. Each one has been brought into the house one at a time. They have all accepted each other with a hearty welcome and open paws. My oldest female has been mommy to them all. She still bathes them when asked. They all play together, sleep together, etc. There was never any jealosy when a new kitty came into our house. Sometimes now though one of the newest gets a little jealous if someone else is getting love and she isn't. She just butts right in and makes sure she gets hers too. It is not uncommon to have 2 or 3 of them on my lap at once.
Sorry I couldn't help with your situation. I hope that things do work out.
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Cats like things to be the same. They love it when they have routine and familiar things going on in their lives, when you change that for them, they will react with stress, (hissing and hiding is one of the signs of stress) I have always found the blended towel to do the trick, where you rub one cat, then the other, then the first, then the second with an old towel until their smells are so blended, it doesn't matter to either of them.
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Well, they are CERTAINLY creatures of habit! Mine can ALWAYS tell if there is the slightest change in routine, and make it REAL clear they do NOT like it! There are a lot of articles online and at libraries about introducing other cats into the home--or to other kitties. They will help you immensely! Hope it gets better real soon! --Don't you just wish you could sit down and say, "Now kitties, this is what is going on...." --AND that they would understand!!! (I am always talking to my kitties, but I don't believe they understand a lot of what I say! haha )
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Bah. Things are not going smoothly. Isis now has seen the rest of the apartment several times and is not happy stuck in that one room. The two resident cats want nothing to do with her. Luckily they are both timid so they won't attack her.

I also am needing of another hint of advice. Isis is 9 weeks old. She's not used to being alone and thus cries constantly when she is left alone. But we can't have her unsupervised around the older and much larger cats. Any suggestions on how to make the kitty happy while she's alone and in solitude? I hate to think she's miserable being all alone.

Yea, I wish I could tell them that Isis is a great little kitty. hehe. Then they could just understand and be happy.
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Well Mischief has warmed up to the kitten. She doesn't run away when she sees the kitten approaching her and the kitten in turn has stopped antagonizing Mischief. The oddest thing is sometimes I will catch Mischief acting very friendly toward Isis, like licking her, but then Niko, my alpha kitty, will come over and just stare at Mischief with her huge eyes. The next thing I know Mischief looks at Niko and then hisses at Isis. Why is she doing this? Is this submission to Niko the alpha cat in turning away the kitten?
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