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Christmas is here...for now...

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We'll see how long the cats let it last...

Last week, I took out my stuff that I have to decorate my classroom. This was Belle's reaction:

Despite this, I'm still attempting the tree:

They were scared of it at first, but quickly began examining it once it was assembled.

Here's the tree all decorated...I had to document what it looked like before the cats did their damage:

The mini-tree has already been knocked over:

The girls have their stockings too. They are anxious for them to be filled. They keep pawing at them to see if there is anything in there.

Zoey's ornament...

And so the fun begins:

Belle wonders how she can get to the top.

The snowflake garland is a favourite...

Belle has actually been pretty good. She'll look and maybe bat a bit, but that's about it. Her craving for lights seemed to have haulted as soon as we put them on the tree.

Delilah, however, is the trouble maker. She seems to see the Christmas tree as an extension of their cat tree. She takes flying leaps off the cat tree into the banches and sees anything at the bottom as fair game. She has climbed it a few times, but doesn't seem to know what to do once she is up there.

All in all it hasn't been too bad....they didn't bother with it at all overnight...but as soon as I got up in the morning, they were back of it. At the moment, they have bored of it...I'm hoping that the novelty has worn off!

Christmas portraits:

Belle has her nose stuck up at me...

Lala looking innocent...

I'm going to try to snap some more portraits later and will post them if they turn out.
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they are so cute! TFS
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Oh man, Belle sure does look like she's sizing up the tree to see how to get to the top! We have to see what the tree looks like by the time Christmas actually rolls around!!
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Make sure you get some pics of them at the top of the tree
Your decorations looks nice
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Awwww they are adorable, is your tree still up
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