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Question for the day Dec 7th.

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Today's question is another TV related one. I know from various threads that we have a ton of CSI fans who belong to the forum, so today's question is this.

CSI Vs CSI Miami Vs CSI New York Vs NCSI.
Which is your favorite?

I have to say I watch them all except NCSI which I never really gotten into.
However, if I had to choose only one it would be CSI New York. I have always been a big fan of Gary Sinese and I think Eddie Cahill has the hottest blue eyes of anyone of television.
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But I also watch all the other ones, just not as religiously as NCIS.

I also watch HOUSE and GREYS religiously also. those are my three shows I have to watch!
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LOVE NCIS, then CSI New York. I likes CSI alot better when Sarah was still part of it, I don't really watch it much anymore. I HATE CSI Miami!!

I watch House too but I am a total Bones fan
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I`ve never watched either!
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The original CSI is still my favorite, followed by CSI Miami, with CSI NY bringing up the rear. I wonder how much CSI will change when William Peterson leaves?
I've never watched NCIS; my favorite show is actually Criminal Minds.
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I have never seen any before.
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Between the actual CSI shows, I go with the original... I can't stand whats-his-face on Miami... ego abounds... and although I like the actors on CSI: NY, I just am so tired of all the crime shows within NYC... okay, yeah, I get it... lots of crime, big city... that's why I like the original CSI... different, and many times weirder, things happen... I love the twists and odd things that get in there... and the humor... my favorite episode of that one has to be the one with the Furries, hands (or paws?) down. I do sci-fi conventions, and was all too familiar with Furry Culture before this first aired... I was laughing so hard at the jokes.

NCIS is actually a spinoff of JAG, not the CSI shows... but i love it just the same... I also love Criminal Minds, which others above have also mentioned...

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Never watched any of them. Like Forensic Files and things of that nature though.
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Out of the CSI shows the original one is my favorite. I also watch CSI NY too. I hate CSI Miami. I also love NCIS. I watch Bones & Criminal Minds also.
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My votes go to CSI Miami and then CSI New York!
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I love CSI Vegas. I like to watch CSI Miami every once in awhile but I can't stand CSI New York. I don't like NCIS much either. In similar shows, I LOOOOOOVE Bones and Fringe!
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NCIS for us - that's the one we most often catch. Love Abby
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The only one that I really like is CSI:New York. Hmmmm, I wonder if that's because it's the only one with Gary Sinese in it?
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I LOVE CSI Las Vegas. I'm not a big fan of CSI:NY, and only sometimes do I watch CSI: Miami. Horatio is pretty cool on that series, but that's about it.

I can sit there and watch CSI Vegas all day, as well as House
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I like CSI: NY, but I also love how quirky everyone is in NCIS... I can't choose!
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