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New member with an aggression problem - long

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Hi there,

My MIL had to move into a nursing home, and "I" offered to take in her cat Wessy. While living with MIL for some 9+ years this cat spent majority of her time in a cupboard above a closet (this was the cats choice BTW).......Wessy would see someone come into the house then retreat to her hiding spot................MIL then moved into the nursing home and we took the cat in.....This was about August of this year, I read about Rescue Remedy so I started giving that to her 2 times a day. Because she would stay upstairs hiding from the household. RR helped her adjust to her new suroundings well. Up until near the end of October we had dog Curley. Wessy and Curley got along so so, Wessy would hiss at Curely but that was about it. Curley was an old dog and couldn't care less about Wessy. Curley had gotten very sick and we took him to the vet who said he had advanced stages of kidney problems, Curley was 15 years old so we felt the best thing we could do was put Curley to sleep........After Curleys passing Wessy became spoiled rotten by Hubby and I...She spent most of her time with me, maybe helping me adjust to Curleys passing in her own little way. Then I started noticing elimanation problems with Wessy, not making it to her box and peeing right beside her box, or pooing on the carpet next to her box. I took her to the vet who checked her out and said she was in excellent shape and found no problems with her.

Then we got a new dog Blossom a 2 year old Boston Terrier, she came from a elderly lady who had 3 cats. We thought great here's a dog who is used to cats wonderful! We introduced Wessy and Blossom, Wessy and Blossom touched noses we thought great they're going to get along! Blossom is a great dog but was not socialized and is very nervous to new things, I put her on the Rescue Remedy as well, and we've seen wonders happen with her on it too.....

However, there's been a few times that Wessy will just walk up to Blossom and let out a hiss and just swat at Blossom for now reason at all! This is happening more frequent too. This morning topped the cake with me. I got up came down stairs opened up Blossoms crate to let her out went to the door to let her out and turned around and there's Wessy standing in front of Blossom taking a hissy fit and swating Blossom in the eye! I immediatley clapped my hands and said "NO" then Wessy stopped and ran away. Blossom was literally shaking like crazy by then.

I have been trying to take notice to when she's being aggressive and I think it's mostley around breakfast and suppertimes or around the water bowl. I was feeding Blossom first then it got to where Wessy would be running to Blossom bowl and she would be hissy at Blossom telling her get away from my food! So then I started feeding Wessy first and taking her food dish upstairs away from Blossom, and feeding Blossom second. It's said to see a dog being bossed around by a old cat. Blossom should be a happy dog in the morning and at suppertime waiting for her food but instead she goes into the hallway and waits for me to come back then she bouces all around happy its meal time to prepare her food!

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Hi, and welcome to TCS!

When I got Jello and later Virac (dogs) I was told that they should not be fed before the cats. It sort of sets the standard regarding the pecking order and territorial rights. Dogs do not feel hurt or offended if they are not the alpha, unlike cats who seem to always aim for the position.
I don't find anything wrong with feeding Wessy first and even the separation during meal times but I would suggest time outs for Wessy if she becomes too aggressive like chasing and/or attacking Blossom without reason.
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