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The Queen Herself: Sheba's Grand, Royal, Official Homage

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Once upon a time, a princess was born. Her mommy and daddy, wrong though they may have been, did what they thought they had to and locked her away high on a hill. Finally, when she was a year or two old, her hero came along and rescued her.

Thus, she was reborn, not as a princess, but as a Queen. Queen Sheba.

Her story, as all good stories worth telling, is dramatic. Full of good times and bad times, and ultimately has a happy ending.

Sheba's first Queendom was a special one. The Queen momma, Vera, recognized the royalty she had the honor of caring for, and therefor treated her properly.

Sheba had her minimum two daily walks, going up the mountain or around the block. She was served proper meals, usually a number 2 from Don Jose's. She had total reign of her Queendom, with the back door left open so she could come and go on her demand.

The Queen herself enjoyed her first many years with her momma. These were full of good times, good walks, good food, and plenty of beauty rest!

Then when she was nine years old or so (only the royal age keepers know her true age, and no one knows the royal age keepers!), everything changed. The Queen momma had problems with her heart, and had to go live with the royal health keepers. Unfortunately, it was not proper for the Queen to live with the Queen momma any longer, and she had to go live with her new servants.

Though this new Queendom was not quite as proper as her original Queendom- the new servants seemed to get their priorities confused more often than the Queen momma- it did at least have the benefits of having more servants and her cousin to keep her company.

Forunately, these new servants did enough to keep the Queen satisfied, so she did not often need to demand "Off with their heads!"

She was given plenty of proper walks:

Always had a servant present:

Was treated properly, with priorties straight most of the time:

Almost got enough proper homage:

Was the center of attention, with her cousin behind her all the way:

Got escorted to new locations that needed her supervision:

Got to perform plenty of proper inspections of her expanded Queendom:

Had a lot of relaxing nights:

Was the star of many royal festivities:

Was able to establish the most important procedure yet, Grand Royal Official Inventory of Two Rocks:

And, of course, still got plenty of beauty rest!

After 6 more happy years of reign in her new Queendom, Sheba started to let her new servants know that she was getting bored. Starting to miss her royal Queen momma and getting ready to go home, to the better place the she knew was out there.

Wednesday, December 3, was the day she knew she was going to go home. She made it a great day. She had her servant feed her multiple times that day, did a final inventory, and even honored her cousin with some playful puppy antics on the walk.

That night, about 1 AM on Thursday the 4th, she started her journey home. Though she is the Queen and demanded to go, the journey is a hard one. Her servants, her temporary momma and poppa, did their royal duty and helped her along, staying with her the entire time.

That morning, while surrounded by the love she earned throughout her life, Sheba peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

She is now reunited with her Queen momma on the otherside, playing happily for all time.

Be happy, Sheba, and know that we you left here miss you and will always love you!
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OMG! That story was extremely touching. i am sitting here with tears in my eyes as I type this. RIP Sheba
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I also have tears in my eyes.

May Sheba be happily frolicking among her loyal subjects.
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RIP Queen Sheba. I know your being treated royally at RAINBOW BRIDGE.
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That was such a lovely tribute to HRH " Queen Sheba " I'm sure by now she's made it across the bridge and sitting on her throne at her new home


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I also have tears in my eyes.
So sorry about Sheba.
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thats so sad and very touching. may sheba cross over the bridge safely
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I miss her with her nose next to my school books as I study; I miss her in the morning when I look at her empty bed; and I miss her at night when I should be saying good night to her. Queen Sheba is missed.

Thank you, Janet, for making such a beautiful and touching tribute to Sheba. Your story is a such a perfect recap of the life of Queen Sheba.

From the servant momma.

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What a beautiful tribute to her She was a beautiful queen

Rest In Peace Sheba
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Janet is Sheba one of the dogs I met when we were over?
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Beautiful tribute!!! My eyes are full of tears

RIP Queen Sheeba
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That was such a Beautiful Tribute! Rest in Peace Sheba.
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Thank you all so much.

It's still odd without her here... Going on walks with only one dog... Coming home to only one dog head in the window... And I really think Peach misses her most of all. She seems lost...

The timing is really amazing... I swear things happen for a reason. As the story says, we inherited her when my grandma went to a nursing home (if you could figure that out from my odd way of saying it!). My grandma actually passed away about 4 years ago. It took four years to close out her estate. We just barely got the go ahead to write the final closing checks to finalize everything the weekend before Christmas. Then, the only remaining aspect of my grandma, since we sold her house, was Sheba, and she passed away the next week. It's like, she hung around long enough to make sure we did right by her momma and finished it all up, then she went home...

Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Janet is Sheba one of the dogs I met when we were over?
And yes, she is. I'm really glad you had a chance to meet her!
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Sheba was a beautiful dog, and the tribute was fittingly touching, and as beautiful (well, almost) as she was.

Rest in Peace, Queen Sheba
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