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kitten neuter question...

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Well I'm new to this forum, so I'd first like to say hello and I hope I can help as much as I'm sure I'll be asking for help lol.

We have adopted a 12 week old kitten, Maximus, from the ospca, and he was neutered the morning of the day we got him... now I know that a neuter is normally an easy procedure, but in Maximus's case his testicles had not decended so they had to go internally like a spay... this was just this past Wednesday, Dec 3... now, for my question lol, what are some things I should watch for with his incision? they told me to make sure he doesn't "wash" it because of the disolvable stitches, but the problem with that is that we can't watch him 24/7, at night while we are sleeping for example... so far so good, but what should I watch for as a sign that there might be a problem? another question I guess would be, is there anything "over-the-counter" that we can use to speed up healing the incision, something like polysporin or something? obviously I wouldn't use something unless I was absolutely sure was ok for him, that's why I'm asking ... any input is greatly appreciated, even if it's something that I haven't asked but you think is relevant
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Don't put any human meds on him. Like a spay, you would check to see if he's trying to pull out the stitches and if the scar is irritated, red, any leakage.

It may be puffy looking for awhile (I know the spays are), but as long as there is no puss or redness (pink is ok) you are fine. If he bothers it too much, call the vet and see if putting a sock over his body is ok (cut the toe off so its an open tube)
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Interesting that they neutered that young with undescended testicles - normally they wait to see if they descend themselves first. I have had 2 male cats with this, in the UK they put a collar on them to stop them from licking themselves. They only had a couple of stitches though.
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hey, thanks for the responses the sock idea is really good, he doesn't really bother with it too much (that we've noticed) so I think we will be fine, but I'll definately call my vet and ask her about it anyway ...

booktigger, as for the reason for the early neuter, he's from the shelter, and they don't let the animals go to homes before they are spayed/neutered... and well, as with most shelters, they are full, and expecting more after xmas unfortunately, so the quicker they can get them adopted the better.
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