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Bathroom Training problem . ANY Help appreciated! :(

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Hi everyone,
I have a 5 yr old kitty named mao. For the past two or three weeks Mao wasnt the litter box to poo but no one figured it out because she was hiding it all under an un-used guest bed....(I only happened to look there because I was looking for a missing book and...the surprise was not pleasant) The poops were hard and had no odor. I took her to a vet who checked her out and pronounced that she was healthy and that she may only have been scared by the litter box (due to possible constipation at some point in the past weeks or so). He suggested to put her in a small room with the litter box for a day. I followed the advice and got no results. She did not use the litter box at all. Vet suggested to keep her there for more then a day. I put her in there for two days and she pooped all over the floor but not in the litter box. So far she has not peed anywhere other then the litter box. Today she was walking around and started to squat so I yelled NO and grabbed her and took her to the litter box. Put her in the litter box and she promptly jumped out and pooped on the floor. I picked up the poop and put it in the litter box. She didnt even watch me. Five seconds later she pooped again. My question is. Should I use a smaller cage? (which i dont want to ) or leave her in the bathroom longer?(which i dont think will work) My mom wants me to get rid of her. I dont really think that is an option. Please help!
(Thankyou for taking the time to read my humongus story.... )
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Did the vet check her for a UTI? Sometimes they will poop (not just wee) outside of the box when they've got a UTI.

Also she might want another litter pan, or even different litter for some reason. I know in the US they have a Cat Attract litter that many have success with in training cats back to the pan.
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I have the opposite problem, a kitty that poops in the litter box just fine, but likes to pee elsewhere from time to time.

You might want to try a second litter box. Some cats definitely like to poop and pee in different boxes.
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I'd have the vet take a look at her first and make sure there are no UTI's or any constipation problems. Then try the 2 litter boxes and see if it works.
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Just a wild thought, but you might try a new litter box with a different shape, and different litter.
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hey all
Thanx for the replies. No UTIs. The litter box in the bathroom is a brand new one. She digs around quiet a bit in it for peeps....so I am assuming that she likes it. She is still out of the room tho. It is really hard having her meow and not being able to see her or help her. Should I keep her in there longer?
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