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Jake Likes to Chase legs and Flies

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Hi everybody. I've been noticing that Jake is acting like a tiger. I know that this is cat behavior. Do any of your cats like to chase your legs when you walk? Or if you are in bed and your feet are tucked in the blankets and you wiggle your toes, the cat pounces on them? My cat used to chase my legs but when he actually bit them, or my feet, I would say no real loud and he stopped.
But he will chase other people's legs and tries to bite them. Another thing that I noticed that is tigerlike. Jake chases flies around the house. He actually knocked one down. And you know what he did? He ate it. Is there anything wrong with cats eating flies?
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Muffy doesn't chase us around, but I've had male cats who do that. They're just playing and being cats. I had better luck with this behavior when I had 2 cats rather than just one. Then they'd chase each other around and not us.

As for catching and eating flies, Muffy loves them. I encourage her to catch them so I don't have to. She also eats spiders and other bugs. She really loves to hunt these bugs, and since she's not allowed outside, it's her only chance.

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My former foster cat Tommy, a 7 month old neutered orange male, used to ambush our ankles all the time. I wonder if he still does it to his adopted family.

My cats haven't had any ill effects from eating bugs yet. My lamp shades have, though. The moths like light and usually end up flying around the light bulb, which casts irresistible shadows on the inside of the shade. My cats pounce on the shadows, and, well, you can imagine the results.
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My cat, Honey, is a fantastic hunter. She kills the sewer roaches that used to wander into my house, with no ill effects. (except I cringe when she licks me after that!) Other cultures eat bugs, so I'm sure it won't hurt a kitty.
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The hunting behavior is totally natural. If he had a feline playmate you and your guests would have far less scratches on your legs

As for eating flies - there is a risk of catching internal parasites and disease from eating bugs, but I have yet to see that happen. My cats also eat bugs all the time. I know that heartworm is one thing to be wary of. You may want to ask your vet about preventive medicine for heartworm if that is common where you live.
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If it's not normal to do either, don't tell my cats! All three of them are avid fly-hunters! Hmmm... now that I think about it, I don't see many flies in the house. Must be working And I only have one cat that attacks feet... my 9 month old kitten. He is set on a timer... when my hubby and I crawl into bed, we count to 10 and there's Oliver! I've learned really quick to sleep without movement!
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My Maine Coon kitten, Fiona, stands in front of my sliding glass door and jumps straight up in the air after moths. And if ones gets in, she is in her glory. She meows like crazy and chases it all around the house. If it goes on the ceiling, my husband (who is very tall) lifts her to the ceiling so she can get it.
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Spiders???? Yuck. I don't mind the flies, but spiders? Aren't they toxic? I am terrified of spiders and most of them are posionus. Some small harmless looking ones happen to kill a full grown human. And there are alot of them were I live. If I see one crawling, I pick up Jake and get us out of the way.

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My kitten Socki, who is 5 months old loves jumping at my feet and legs, especially after I put on a pair of pantyhose (of course). He hasn't had the chance yet a catch any bugs but he goes after anything that moves, so if given the chance I am sure he will.
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