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how to start on wet food

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I decided to give wet food a chance - so I want to feed Lucky Origen during the day, and wet food at night. I went to the market and got some NaturalLife canned food, as it was the best one as far as ingredients goes... The food smells GREAT! The problem is, Lucky doesn't eat ANYTHING besides dry food. I tried Chicken - cooked and uncooked, fish, cheese, meat, etc. as treats, and she just sniffs it, turns around and leaves.

Since wet food can not be left on the plate for long periods of time, what is the best way to introduce it to her?

She is currently eating a little more than 1/2 cup of dry food, transitioning from Nutro Complete Care Indoor Kitten to Orijen. I put the food in her bowl in the morning, and she eats it throughout the day. We are night people around here, and she definitely eats the most late at night.

Any help would be appreciated -

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Have you tried putting a bit mixed with her dry food? Maybe you can just put out a small bit of her daily portion of dry food down in the morn with some wet on it, but don't leave it there too long.

I've never had this issue before, I'm lucky my boys will eat just about anything...hopefully someone more educated can give you a hand!
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I was also going to suggest mixing the wet with some of the dry. Start first with mostly dry with a bit of wet, and like switching brands, gradually replace the dry with wet. Hopefully she will eventually get to like it.

I'm having a similar problem with Nora. At least she will try stuff at little bit, but if she decides she doesn't like it, or doesn't LOVE it, she will pick at it, then come back later and pick some more, and on and on. Nora actually likes the wet food better if it is cold. She will only try it if it is room temp. Milo doesn't care either way, so I just put a can in the fridge in the morning so it is cold by the time comes to give them wet food in the evening.

Just like when I gave her scrambled eggs, Milo gobbled it up and Nora tried a bite or two and decided she didn't like it and left. LOL
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scheduled feedings is usually key--at least in my house it is.

First I started the boys on scheduled feedings for about a week to 10 days so that they get used to being alittle hungry when it comes time for the second meal.

Harley loves wet food he's eat it all day everyday--so I didn't have an issue with him.

Jack on the other hand struggles--I'm lucky to get 1.5 ounces in him. He tends to prefer pate--as he licks the food, he doesn't bite and pick up, so he struggles with chunks (he's starting to get the hang of it). We just started with very little at a time--usually what he didn't eat Harley would--but I make up for that in dry, Harley gets less if he eats Jack's wet food the night before, Jack gets more if he didn't eat all his wet.

I also thought everyone was nuts when they said that cats get tired of the same food because Jack and Harley had been eating the same two flavors of Nutro for like 4 months with no issue--3 weeks ago there was a strike in the house. We switched pate maker from Nutro to Authority and they are eating the chunky Nutro without issue.

They get pate 4 days a week and chunky 3 days a week. There are like 6 flavors of pate and 14 flavors of chunks from Nutro.

I have heard that sprinkling parmesan cheese on wet food entices cats.

Slow and steady wins the race!

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I don't know, I've been trying for a year at least. There were stints of them eating it (a short time they ate the Felidae and for a few months they ate wellness and then swore it all off).

I can get them to unhappily eat some if I put dry food all over it but I really don't want to continue that as it's a real waste of food, I've just bought a ton of foods, some not the highest quality but not bad, hoping at least one food will be accepted.
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