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ever had your cats this easy going?????

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We had to bring our 25lb farm dog indoors as he got caught in a snare,thankfully his front leg was in the snare too so he didn't get
strangled,but he stood out in the cold weather ( below freezing and
snow storms)for three days before the trapper found him and released
him and he returned home(during that time we were frantically trying to
find him)...anyway,we had the vet treat him and we did all the things
we needed to do to make him an indoor dog.......

I was quite concerned how our two cats,who have never met a dog in their
lives would react......well,they adore him. They both lay by him and watch over him. He can get up and move around but he sleeps a lot still from his
ordeal. He tolerates them because he was used to our barn cats. I just can't believe that when he came in there was no hiding or hissing or any behavior problems....

Anyone ever get this lucky????

Also, I realize this is a cat site not a dog site,but as an outside dog he was
getting ol roy dog food but I want something better....anyone with dogs that could recommend something,it would be great. My vet recommends science diet(of course)...is it any better of adog food than it is for cats??

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Almost anything's better than Ol Roy....general "rules of thumb" apply in cat food & dog food - like no by-products, etc. Usually the "good" cat brands are "good" dog brands....if Wal Mart is all you have access to try Maxximum their store brand - not too bad, not too good.

As for the conversion from "farm dog" to housedog - usually isn't too hard. A lot of cats will see the dog out the window & just seem to know they aren't a threat?
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yeah,I guess you are right...they HAVE seen my dog, although through a door/window only. PLus he isn't all over the place and in their face, but I
was still really surprised. Most people I have talked to were shocked he was
so well accepted. He's a rat terrier. My cats are on Chicken soup along with some wet and there is also chicken soup for dogs so I might try that,unless anyone else has any suggestions???

As far as the dog goes, he is doing great in the house. We bought a HUGE kennel with a pad for him. He has only lived outside before so he wants to go outside to go potty. He sleeps with my son and during the day stays in the kennel. He has wonderful manners in the house. He is 7 and neutered,which helps. He is on medication for the wounds plus I have to clean and treat them twice a day. Our other outdoor dog is best friends with the neighbor dog so she isn't lonely. We live way out in the country on a big farm. He was up to date on his shots,but I wormed him, treated him for any possible mites/fleas and gave him a bath,cleaned his ears,etc.
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Chicken Soup is a decent food.

That said - is there any way you can let the other dog in the house? My parents had the brilliant idea to let 1 dog be a housedog & the other had to be an "outside dog". Started fights & they broke a window out. Now - they both (all 3 now) live indoors without issue. (That & farm dogs seem to get injured a lot - as housedogs my 3 cost way less than when they lived outdoors - fewer injuries)
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well, i was Lucky just to bring in this little dog. My husband thinks animals belong outside so i consider myself lucky to have two cats and now a dog in the house...plus our lab LOVES our neighbor dog(who practically lives at our place)...they sleep together,eat together etc. Our outside lab couldn't care less that our rat terrier is inside and he doesn't seem to miss her either so for now,we will leave as is....but when she is "gone"...all other dogs will be indoors or I won't be getting any more.
We make sure the lab has a warm bed of straw in the barn and is fed free-feed and has access to water at all times,plus gets vet care. So thats the best I can do for now. I feel she is happy. My boys are outside a LOT and give her a lot of attention too.
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I am SO glad you are making him your indoor companion dog!! And feeding him better food, this is great to hear! Thank you for making his life better
Wish you would bring the Lab inside too. Labs are so people oriented and pack oriented. All dogs are, it is in their nature.
Here is a forum for you
And a dog food rating site
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