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So weird..

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Last night Craig and I went to watch Xmen. (Great movie btw if you enjoy Xmen)!

It was after 2 am when we finally got home. When we walked in the cats were acting VERY strange. Jake's tail was very poofy and he was extremely freaked out, and he had clumps of hair on him that had fallen off.

After realizing something wasn't quite right with the picture, we noticed our living room window was shattered. It's a floor to ceiling window, and the bottom pain was shattered. We think the cats did it, because the broken glass was OUTSIDE as if it was smashed from inside out. We checked over the babies to look for cuts and we couldn't find any.

We searched the entire house out of precaution, and had to lock them up in a room by themselves so they wouldn't cut themselves trying to run outside.

Can't get ahold of the landlord.. the windowsill is shattered and she hasn't returned our calls from lastnight. Sigh.

This isn't gonna be cheap I don't think.
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Holy cow ! Hope you get it fixed soon! Thank God the cats are ok!
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OMG! Thank God your cats were ok! Do you know how the cats could have done that? I bet it's gonna cost a pretty penny to get that window replaced. Do you have renters insurance? I've never had this, but it might cover things like this.

Good luck and once again, I'm so happy your cats were not hurt!
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That is strange. Was there anything near the window that the cats could have knocked over? I have never heard of cats breaking a window before, but I'm glad yours are all ok!
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Wow, glad everyone is ok! That is strange though, I can't imagine the cats being strong enough to smash a window! What do you have, supercats???
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There isn't a thing near the window. This apartment is pretty old, built back in the 70s. The glass in the window is really thing, and it wouldn't take much force to break it. Our landlady looked at it today, and she herself boarded it up (good thing too, because it rained HARD today). She is having both of the bottom windows (the one that shattered and the other one that is still intact) completely removed and having the window place install safety glass that is shatter proof.

I don't know if it actually WAS the cats... I am assuming so. There was nothing stolen, and like I said all the glass was on the outside as if hit from the inside. I'm sooo glad my babies weren't hurt, AND I'm VERY VERY VERY lucky they didn't leave the house. They are always always wanting to go outside and explore.

Safety glass is a great idea, and we're not having to pay for a single penny. The owners of our complex are AWESOME!
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Wow, Im so happy for you things turned out that way!!!

Your story sounds so wierd though! do you have any idea already what could have caused it? maybe a loud sound from near-by (you said the glass was very thin)? Very strange!

Good thing the cats are okay! Mine would probably be out'a there first thing... the are always so curious as to whats going on outside
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