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After 4 1/2 years....I get my braces off!

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It seems like forever! Getting them off was not fun either. They had to polish all the teeth which made a lot of them sensitive and then scrap all the tartar off which made a bloody mess.

I still have to wear a retainer, but at least I can take it out when I eat and not have food stuck everywhere when I go out!
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I remember the day I got mine off... I had four years in a retainer first, then three years in big old ugly metal braces (ahhh, the 80's), then another two years in another retainer...

I should get some again someday to realign my bottom teeth... they're a little crowded and my two front teeth are overlapping (believe me, they did a LOT when I had the braces on!), but everything else is fine... and I can deal with those two little teeth... they aren't that bad... someday, maybe I will...

Now you can eat all those things that braces made difficult... popcorn anyone?

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Congratulations!! I'm 46 and in braces for the second time. I hope to have mine off by summer.

Remember that the retainer is your friend for life! Back when I was teen, we were told to only wear the retainer for a couple of years and then go without. Well, that's the reason I'm in braces again!


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I have to wear the retainer all the time the first year, then just at night the second, but I think once I get to night time, I will just always put it in at night that way I don't have to go through braces again!

I still ate popcorn! I even got a kernel stuck in one of my brackets and that is why it hurt so much!
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I ghad braces when I was a teenager and my teeth moved right back to where they were and I wore a retainer for the amount of time they said. When I was in my late 20's I got a retainer to straighten my teeth up again. I have a gap between my 2 front teeth. I wore that retainer until I was in my mid 30's and it finally broke. My teeth moved back again.. I gave up. Now as older age approaches my concern is keeping all my teeth!!
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