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FeLv- Good News

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I’m new to this site, but I wanted to post some good news about FeLv (Feline Leukemia). I browsed the site and noticed that a few people had vets that told them to put their cats to sleep as soon as the positive diagnosis came in. I want to say that unless your kitty is presently suffering, you may have many, many great years with them!

I had two cats diagnosed January 1996. My kitty, Boomer, had a rough 3-5 months with an eye infection and a cold she just couldn’t shake. She was 2.5 years-old at the time. Since she was sick a lot, my vet recommended that I test her for FeLv. She came back positive and so did my other one. The vet suggested that I put both of them to sleep immediately, especially since Boomer was already showing symptoms of a weakened immune system. I refused and the doctor tried to convince me otherwise. She said that she’s seen many cats die of FeLv and it is a painful death and keeping them alive would be cruel—even though the other kitty showed no symptoms (she was 2).

Needless to say, I followed my gut. I figured that I would keep them and love them until they really started suffering. (Yes, Boomer had a cold, but really, does it make sense to put her to sleep because of a little sneezing?!?!) I talked to some people and they said that most cat that start showing symptoms die within 1-2 years. So I prepared myself for losing Boomer soon.

I wasn’t sure when Boomer contracted FeLv since I got her when she was 8-10 months old (she was a stray). But I think she passed it on to my other kitty when she was a kitten (10-12 weeks). I was told that when FeLv is contracted as a kitten, the life expectancy is only 1-2 years.

My other kitty lived to the ripe old age of 5. The last 6 months were tough since I think the virus invaded her brain and caused some dementia. (First symptom were her eyes dilating unevenly) But up to the end, she was happy and loved.

But the best news is that it is now 2003 and Boomer is still alive!! She will be turning 10 this summer!! (I’ve had her tested many times and with both tests) Her health has been relatively good, just the usual cat stuff. Recently she has started to piddle urine when she sleep and pee outside the box. (It’s not a UTI) She is on the PPA for the piddling and I’m working with an Animal Behaviorist to figure out why she is going outside the box. Her problems could be due to the FeLv, but we just aren’t sure.

When I think back to that day when my kitties were diagnosed, my blood boils!! If I had followed the vet’s advice, I would have lost 2 beautiful years with my other kitty and 7 years with my precious Boomer.

I know my story is uncommon, but I wrote it so that others might have hope. If your cats has just been diagnosed, don’t do anything hastily that you might regret later. Get a second opinion, get re-tested and most importantly, follow your gut.

Good Luck to all the FeLv Mommies and Daddies in the World!!

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Thank you for sharing your story! I'm sure this will help a lot of people! Your furbabies are lucky to have you for a mom!
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Welcome to the site! And thank you for your story - it's nice to hear something upbeat in connection with FeLV!
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