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Saturday! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Still snowing like crazy here, it's incredible the amount of snow we have had in the last two days.

Not a whole lot planned for today, the streets are horrible for both driving and walking so the the best thing is just to stay home and keep warm

Napping at some point is definitely in order as I didn't sleep all that well last night. Had one of those nights when you dream so much you wake up exhausted.

The kitties all had their breakfast and went back to bed. Smart kitties.

Everyone have a good day
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Working today, have a Christmas party of 35 for tonight to get ready for.

Must find some point in time to go back home and bury Legsy too.....sigh.
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Well I think it stopped snowing for the morning. Not much just a couple inches at the most but winds are supposed to pick up and blow it around. Local forecast is for low temps and snow for the next several days.

So SIL is not coming for shopping and I won't venture out either. I have a runny nose and hope I'm not getting a cold. Neil and I might go Christmas shopping tomorrow-he is at a nephews today working on some remodeling.

So working on some laundry and finished phase one of a Christmas craft project.

Bakkers is in window watching the birds, Grizzlie on the bed and Bobs is hiding as she thinks more meds are coming if you approach her!!

Keep warm
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DH took the day off for our wedding anniversary; here I am on the computer and he's napping on the couch. We obviously have a thrillng day planned!
(no, I'm not complaining; DH works like a dog and needs/deserves his rest) We'll probably order a big cheesey pizza for supper and watch a DVD (bought him Hellboy 2 for anniversary gift---that's what he wanted )
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No snow, but cold and plan to stay in and keep warm. Maybe work a on couple of Christmas presents.

I really should empty the used cat litter in the outdoor pail.
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First off, I need to send my SS package to _______________. Then I need to go to the dollar store to get some Christmas decorations so I can decorate my windows and door. They are having a contest here at the apartment complex. I may win a $25 gift card for groceries.

I also need to go grocery shopping. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping last night online. I hate to go to the mall anyway so I am definately not going with Christmas season

Then we are going out for Pizza and beer and it will be an evening of TV and computers after that.
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Im going to the big Christmas Craft Show Edmonton has every year very shortly. After, I am going shopping at West Edmonton Mall (which I still love!), in order to get the grand prize for a raffle I am hosting, and do a little holiday spending
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I might do some more Bunny Making today... but it depends... I kinda slept in a bit... I'll be leaving at two for downtown. We have our TGIO (Thank [insert deity of choice here] It's Over) party this afternoon at three. It's for NaNoWriMo... we have to recover a bit from November first... and this year we're having the TGIO party in THE most perfect place... downtown Powells Books! WOOHOO!! I'll try REALLY hard to not spend too much money... which is nearly impossible to do there... man...

Then take the bus home and kick back... tomorrow I'll make a bunch of bunnies... and Monday go shopping for more fabric to make more bunnies... these to possibly sell... I gotta make some money... my work didn't schedule me at all for next week... I got pencilled in for Thursday and Friday, but yeesh... I need the money. *mini-venting over*

So, today will have a little laundry, maybe some bunny sewing, and a party... not bad for a Saturday...

ps: not to offend anyone with the 'deity of choice' bit above, but around Portland, we have lots of folks who aren't Christian... so we call it TGIO, but usually add in that bit out of respect for everyone else...
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I wrapped and shipped 3 of my families Christmas presents, drove to the vets to pick up a prescription refill for Stumpy, finished sewing a cat bed and 6 toys for family members, cleaned the kitchen, and 3 loads of laundry so far today.

For the rest of the day, I have to rebuild the outdoor feral shelter (DH made it differently this year and they aren't using it), gather the recycles for the recycling center (half of my garage), 3 more loads of laundry, vacuum, make dinner, finish the Christmas letter and cards, then finally relax with a movie.

Typical Saturday.
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I'm just doing an assignment today. It should be pretty straightforward, just need to do all the background reading.

I'm playing racquetball in an hour with a friend, and DH and I may go see a movie tonight (or we might just watch the 2 Netflix movies we have).
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I plan on not showering, laying around in my own stink and watching TV. I need some peace!
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Good evening.

Severely hung over today - my company's Christmas oyster roast was last night, and they had a beer trailer. The party was supposed to be from 5:30-8:30, but a few of us stragglers didn't leave until 11pm! So this morning I definitely was not feeling too well.

I tried to buy Elton John & Billy Joel tickets this morning for their stop in Charlotte, and was SO disappointed! I got on ticketmaster at 9:30 and refreshed every 5 minutes until 10am when they went on sale. Instantly clicked to search for tickets, and all of the floor and 1st level were sold out in 7 minutes. How does one explain that!?! The cheapest floor level I could find was $631 on some site they linked me to, and now the cheapest lower level is $442 for 2. I dont know if I'll be spending that kind of $$$. Floor seating on TM was $179/ea.

Rob cooked me breakfast in bed because he knew I was so irritated and upset by sitting here for so long waiting for them to go on sale and then have the good seats (the ones worth spending $ for!) sell out in less than 10 minutes, while I was waiting "in line" on the internet for those minutes.

Then we went to work - his dad had to drive us in the horrid Jeep because we needed a designated driver last night. I thought I was going to be sick! I usually get nauseous riding in that when I'm fine. Add that hangover in and ughhh. Did smoe work for a few hours, only to find out his mom still has my car keys. So then I had a car and no keys. A girl I work with drove me to Rob's work, then we dropped off a transmission, collected a $1075 check (hey, now I could buy my tickets Some floor level seating is going for more than that PER ticket), and got my SS package!!! Now I'm waiting for him to come back to give Nero his medicine and then go on date night.

At least 2 good things came out of today - tasty breakfast in bed, and getting my SS package
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We are supposed to go to the city and spend the night. It is my SIL 50th birthday party. The roads are far too slippery. I know she is going to be disappointed but, after 12" of snow yesterday now freezing rain. I'm staying home.
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So far, I've:
- walked the dog
- done a load of laundry
- went grocery shopping with my SO at Wal-Mart (nightmare busy)

He is supposed to put our Christmas lights up today and we're going to also put our (fake) tree up.

I also would like to do some more cleaning.
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