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Chewing Cat!

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My large male cat, Jake, chews on everything. He is 3 years old and eats a Little Frisky's dry food diet with supplemental fresh meat and fish. However, he chews things up just like a dog. He's chewed wood, books, cardboard, rubber.......everything. I've never seen another cat who exhibits this behavior. Any theories or help would be appreciated.
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Wow.. a kitty that chews.

Still, we love them the same, right?

What about kitty toys. Those that are safe for kitties. You know, like furry mice, mice with feathers, little soft cat toys, etc.

Sounds like your baby Jake is kinda active as well. What about providing some interesting toys to amuse your furbaby - the one with bon bon ball, the ring toy with a ball inside, puzzle toys, etc.?

Oh yes, i always LOVE to recommend playing interactive toys with your furbabies -- even though they chew on the toys when playing with you, it is bonding time!

Oh yes, what about some fresh grass for Jake to chew as well? Also catnip sakes and pouches are great stuff for cats' amusement!

Venus chews on her soft toys as well.

Hope all is well with you!

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I would get your kitty to a vet real soon. This could be a nutritional/chemical deficiency, a quick blood test will give your vet the answer and then the two of you can figure out what Jake needs in his diet to quell this desire to eat everything is sight.
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We tried growing that "cat grass" for him and he wouldn't even look at it. And he turns up his nose at most cat toys too. I suppose a vet visit might be called for. I was wondering if maybe he had a dental problem and chewing on hard stuff was making it feel better. Thanks for your help. I'll keep you posted. Is there anyone else out there that has a chewing cat?? I've never heard of another one.
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My little kitty, Spike is a BIG chewer too! I have had him at the vets more than once and actually, when I first rescued him , he almost died the day after I found him. He was eating softened food and drinking kitten milk (he was 4 weeks old) just fine. Then suddenly started throwing up. I found chunks of wood chips and grain hulls in it and immediately, my friend and my sister, took him to the vets. By the time we got him there, he was almost dead. The vet got him to come back around and got the partial bowel obstruction moved out. He told me he was abandoned and had nothing to eat, so was foraging around(at an old grain mill) for WHATEVER he could fill himself up with. He also told me at a later date, that this behavior could be ingrained in him, from what he went through as a tiny kitten. Sort of a survival thing (although he ALWAYS has plenty to eat here!!!) So, I am ALWAYS watching him to TRY and make sure he doesn't eat things he is not supposed to! --Sort of like watching a toddler!!! I keep a VERY watchful eye on rubber bands, twisties, string, floss etc... But he chews up his toys until they are almost unrecognizable. Anything filled with catnip is chewed on FEROCIOUSLY, until he can get that darn catnip out on the carpet!!!! He also "Fetches" sort of like a dog would too!! My DH named him Spike and he was this teeny-tiny little, little 4 week old kitten. I kept saying, "OHHHHH NOT Spike!!!" Well...I think he's grown into his name!!!
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Missy & Spike's Mom.....

Thanks for sharing that story. I don't think it would apply to Jake though. We adopted him from a loving home and he's been pampered ever since. He's never known a day without a full catfood bowl. Spike is lucky he's got you for a mom.
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My kitten Lucky does this too... We got him when he was young (6 weeks) and he has never done this until recently. He is now 8 months old.He is an indoor cat, so I am unsure if he is just bored, or needs something to chew etc. He will chew on pens, pencils, cardboard boxes etc..!! I dont know if I shoudl worry, or just buy him some chew toys! Anyone who knows anything...please help
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