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**GEEK THREAD** The Memristor

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This is an exciting time to be alive. First off we're about to take another enormous leap in technology. Computers are going to be re-invented from the ground up because of the new discovery of the memristor, which can remember settings even when it's turned off. picture it as a resistor with memory. It really adds a fourth element to fundamental electronics. We have the resistor the capacitor and the inductor. And now, the memristor.

This isn't new as for the concept. they originally came up with it like 37 years ago in 1971 but it was only visualized then. Now it's a reality.

This will change everything about almost ALL electronics in every way. Well all electronics that use memory, or have very limited electrical needs, like on demans.

Basically all your hard drives are going by by when this comes to the market. Think about that! Your RAM and hard drive are going to be the same piece of hardware, built into an MR drive. What's incredible about this is it will be as fast as your RAM is now (well close). Things like reboots will take a fraction of the time they do now. Stuff like that.

This honestly is a great time to be in electronics because the changes that are coming are going to revolutionize even more than they are now. HP is patenting the memristor, and Intel is working on a 29 nanometer CPU (well they're already WAY ahead of that in R&D) and Intel is also working on wireless electricity.

The next 10 years are going to be incredible in the world of gadgets.
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
...Intel is also working on wireless electricity.
Is that the same as what Nikola Tesla developed?
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Well, I'm glad that YOU understand what you just wrote there!
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Okay. the first thing I thought of is how awesome this is going to be for gaming computers and consoles.

Seriously, though. That's pretty cool. When look at the diffrence between the box beside me right now and the one I was running 10 years ago...wow. I really can't wait to see what they'll be in another 10 years.
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See, everytime I think I understand something, they change it. I FINALLY learned how to program the VCR...then we got a DVD player. I'm still trying to figure out my cell phone, and now there's going to be more gadgets?? No wonder I'm stressed. I think I was born in the wrong century.
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