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When Willow got sick with an undetermined bacterial infection about a month ago and stopped eating, the vet cleaned her teeth and recommended giving her wet food for a few days in case her gums were sore. No infections or cavities were found in her mouth, and none of her teeth had to be pulled.

I switched her over to wet food mixed with a little water to give it a consistency like baby food. Since then she has refused everything but her wet food, though. Both the cats get fed about 3-4 ounces of wet food twice a day, with a small bowl of kibble left out at night. The vet says her blood work is just fine, aside from diluted urine. No sign of any more infection, and her BUN and creatinine levels are within normal limits.

Willow won't eat the dry food I leave out, or touch any of her formerly favorite treats. She just sniffs them and then walks away, even when hungry. I've tried shredded chicken, fish jerky, bonito flakes, chewy turkey pellets... She's just not interested. She eats her wet food, is more fit and playful, looks healthier than ever, has stopped shedding, and has a soft and shiny coat. She looks healthier than she did before she got sick. Is refusing her favorite treats nothing to worry about, as long as she eats OK otherwise?

At least it doesn't go to waste since Gizmo scarfs up everything you put in front of him. She just sits and watches him eat the goodies.