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tilly is pregnant

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hi everyone. i need some advice please. my lovely lady tilly trotter is very pregnant. she climbed out the kitchen window on the 8th of october and came hme arund 4 hours later still yowling then my hubby(grrr) let her out ont he 12th of october(i do not like her to go out), she came home 2 days later after i had nearly driven myself mad with worry.anyway she is eating a lot or was until around 4pm today when she just stopped eating.she is drinking a lot. she was scratching at my wardrobe last night so i put her birthing box in there with a food dish and water dish and a small litter tray with paper in.she decided tonight to go in the cupboard under the stairs right to the back behind the shelfs typical, anyway i managed to coax her out of there and shut the door behind me.i took her back up to the wardrobe and she just turned round and came back downstairs. she has been asleep on the kitchen window ever since. i can see the kittens moving and feel them. but while she is washing down below it isnt very much or often.
tilly is not an overly affectionate kitten she prefers to be left alone but last night and today she has wanted a lot of cuddles.
is labour imminent? im so confused by all the google searches.
i have homes lined up for all the kittens and am definately having her spayed as id ont want to be responsible for lots of kittens running around.
any advice would be great thankyou.
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She should be due around Dec 12th.
It is to early for her to have right now.
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