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Neutering My Cats

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my cat Aden and Koda are about 7 months now and I was going to take them to get neutered by a German vet. She's a good vet and I've been to see her a couple times but I was wondering what questions should I ask her about getting them neutered the before during and after process of it, and would it be smarter to get both Aden and Koda neutered at the same time or one at a time. Also Orion is 10 weeks can he be neutered soon, his got a not really aggressive streak but can be mean to my other boys and I'm hoping neutering him will calm him down at least a little bit, but I don't know how soon he can be neutered. Thanks for any advice.
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You can do them together.
Its real easy with a male.
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I can't think of anything. Just make sure to talk about signs you should watch out for after the surgery that could mean something is wrong. A neuter surgery is easier than a spay surgery.

Good job for being responsible and having your pets neutered!
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Shelters in the U.S. typically spay/neuter at around 8 weeks old, or when they are at least 2 pounds. It's a practice that has been done for many years but it hasn't caught on with a lot of vets here. I'm not sure what vets will do in Germany.

Ask a lot of questions about the procedure, the recovery, and what you need to do when you bring them home.
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If I were you I would get the 2 older cats neutered and hold off for a little while on the younger kitten. They can neuter at 8 weeks and older but I dont like that. I refuse to put my pets under anesthesia until they are 6 months or older (unless something happens and it needs to be done under 6 months). I would wait until your cat is older, wait until he is 4-5 months old at least.
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Again alot depends on the vet.

But the truth of the matter is male cats can and will spray long before 6 months--neuter as early as you can!

Jack was neutered at about 16 weeks (don't know for sure of age as he was a stray) he weighed 4lbs. That was one year ago and he's doing great!

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I'm not worried about spraying my cats have not done that yet, although orion seems to have a type A personality so I wouldn't be surprised if he was inclined to do so younger then my older kitties.

Plus I'm not getting them neutered cause I don't want them to spray (though that is a big plus) I'm getting them neutered so if god forbid they should escape they don't come wondering back to the house with a pregant female cat saying "look Mom I know what your going to say...."
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