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Anyone ever use Immunoregulin?

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Vet suggested this when Benny was first diagnosed with FeLV. We did the treatment, but don't know if it actually did anything as Benny never showed any symptoms of the disease...it was just caught during a well-kitty check up.
Anyone have any experience with this?
Is there any way to give it other than intravenously?
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I'm going to suggest a place where you will probably get an answer to this - and, I'm sure, answers to many other questions that come to people whose cat has been diagnosed with FeLV....

....most people like you, who suddenly find themselves dealing with a complicated health condition in their cats, find enormous prectical and emotional suppport available 24/7/365 from other, more experienced pet parents who have been successfully managing their own cats' condition (in many cases) for years. You would be warmly welcomed there and, I'm very certain that you will quickly come to understand that the collective experience and knowledge of that group far surpasses that of peoples' individual Veterinarians (while not replacing it)...(though, in a significant number of cases, information from the group has undoubtedly saved a good number of kitties from an unnecessary and premature demise).

You can find one of those groups here. (That group is an offshoot from this website which is an encyclopdia for FeLV.)

A second group of caregivers can be found here.
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Thanks for all the great info. I will definitely check out these links. Thanks again for all the support!
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