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diablo passed at 1 pm today

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Diablo my cat of 18 years and 3 months passed today. He had CRF,
but was doing well. An infection and kidney stone brought about his untimely end. Right up till then he had good quality life and was feeling good.

After his passing blood last week, and my emergecyvisit to the vets on Wed am, this week - and thetreatment he endured - he seemed to recover some.

However, this morning he deteriorated with a speedthat left me unprepared. He had a good Thursday night with usat home, he ate and slept and I cuddled him on the bed from 6-7 amFriday morning, as well as cuddled him some on Thursday night beforebed. He even managed a purr or two for me then. At 8am Friday I took him to the vets, he was too cold, and snorkeling a bit = too much fluid build up in lungs. They gave me bad news - got him ready with medsand sent him home to probably die - told me he might justquit breathing. I was okay with that. Before I left they gave him a drug to helphim pee, and he tried to go at home, it was the strain of pooping and peeing at home that brought on his breathing problems- he was literally gasping for air... He had an unknown heart condition, that made it more difficult to treat him. In the end - the vet was sure his kidenys were failing or going to, and that he would not recover and that the extent of his panting and gasping was such that he was suffering -he was severely anemic by that point as well- possibly from some bleeding internally. So as he lay gasping and panting, far away from us, slipping in and out of awareness, with little home, I made the decision to let him go to God with dignity - as the vet put it.

He was wrapped in his own blankie that smelled of home, he had me present with him, and he was being stroked and loved the entire time he passed. He was already halfway gone into coma by then, so Ido not know he "knew" what was going on.

We plan to bury him next to dear Sheba cat, who passedaway in March of this year. I'll put another rose bush there,to mark his resting place, and maybe even a bird bath as Betsy suggested.

I think I'd like to think of his ghostly self stalking the birds at the bird bath.In life, that is something he absolutely would do!

He used to wait each day for me at the front door, or in his basket,and get up and greet me as I came in. He put up with the othercats in the house - even to grooming them as "senior" male. He was such a storied cat, with so many life experiences and suchcharacter! He used walk on a leash at the vets, he never ever went to thevets in cage like other cats, LOL! He was in charge of dogs not the otherway around.

He ruled his roost with an iron paw in a velvet glove...and he ruled my heart from the day I brought him home, 1asa scrawny but fiesty little 6wk old kitten. He leaves me with 18 years and 3 months of memories..Really good ones some, really frightening ones too.

I know I'll never find another cat like him, even if I raise it from a kitten. In the end, as with all my furry companions our time was too brief. RIP dearest Diablo and may you be frolicking in a body free of pain, young and energetic, and happy.

And maybe, just maybe - your little ghost will come and visit me in my dreams to tell me how happy you are across the other side, and send me some comfort to know that you too wanted to end it, and wanted to pass over. For I know, that that is where you are - on the other side of the door, waiting for me to step through and be with you. You will be the first one to greet me, and maybe, even the one to guide me over the bridge myself, when my time comes to join you. Your faithful and loving owner Oona
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RIP Diablo

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Diablo will always be watching over you in the spirit world.
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Your words speak volumes for what a wonderful kitty Diablo has been.
I am very sorry this day has come.
Hopefully, he will bring you peace through a dream.
My deepest condolences to you.
Rest In Peace Diablo
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So sorry about your cat.
I lost Stormy a year ok today from arf and it was so sudden.
She was pts around 1 also.
Your post makes me cry.
I hate crf and kidney problems so much.
If you need to talk I am here for you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Diablo had a long and loving life with you, may he Rest in Peace.
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I am so sorry for your loss, Diablo was a much loved kitty!!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace Diablo
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Thanks all - I think he had a disease like lepto or something else going on - perhaps he'd had a URI - the herpes viruses that cause it have been implicated in possible kidney stones/issues.

I know he had a pretty good life up to 2 wks prior - and that even the Thursday night when he was saying good bye was okay - he got a dinner - and cuddles - and more in the am.... Twas only at the end when we had given too much fluids and his kidney's could not keep up that we were at the end...

I could have given oxygen, but the vet was sure he had kidney shut
down... I let her tell me that cause it was much easier...

I guess I hope and pray in re-incarnation so that his spirt (not his form)
can return to me in another cat/kitten. Maybe I'll even recognize it if it happens. I've had one very wonderful childhood cat Nana who was alot
like Didi in spirit. I keep praying I'll get a 3rd one - the cat that will last me to my late 50s and that will be the cat my BF and I share - one that will
grow up able to whack dogs and keep em in line!!

I'm off to the beer garden to toast his life - he had so MANY adventures before he ran out of life. The sweetest part of his life for me was near the last year, when he would have the greet me at the door routine, and the sleep in bed by 11 and the get up in the am wake up routine with me...
that I shall miss deeply. None of my other cats is anything as wonderfully
friendly and people calm...
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I'm so very sorry. I lost my dear boy today as well. RIP Diablo
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I'm sorry you lost's so hard to watch them go downhill.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Diablo.
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RIP Diablo. what a wonderful life he had.
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i'm so sorry to hear that Diablo lost his fight - but you did the right, loving thing for him [as i'm sure you well know!] a for Diablo, who's happy & healthy now, & some for you, to help ease your painful
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Rest in Peace Diablo
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I still think I didn't catch it soon enough - that I could have
saved him if I'd known about the infection...sooner than I did.
I have alot of guilt. But if it was lepto - I might not have
been able to do anything at all. As it is, he felt better Wed/
Thur eve. He didn't shut down till Friday and so was in little
pain, and probably more alert and less miserable than before...

I wish so much with all my heart that feline dialysis
was more available. There was no where in our area to go
for it - or believe me, I would have on Wed morning when he
was diagnosed to gain the precious gift of a few
more months - till spring. To let him feel better,
and eat better and enjoy one or two more wonderful months
of going outside for walkies with me... he truely did walk with me,
and right up until last week, he was asking to go out on walkies...

I'll never forget that part of our life together - who has a cat that
they takeout for walks even when he's ancient? We started that
tradition in September after he started sub qs - I wasn't letting him
roam free anymore - I was concerned. So the little guy stayed
in the yard - and I would take him out for walkies when he asked.

Or, just grab him and take him... He loved to sniff scents, to pee
and to poop outside and leave "his" mark behind. Even at the ripe
age of 18. What a cat. And so lucky to have dogded all the dangers
of car and predators and so forth ... truely we were blessed.
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Awww Bless him I am so sorry for your loss RIP Diablo
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Another lovely an moving tribute

You gave Diablo love right to the very end, and he won't ever forget that


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Sending healing and comfort prayers and vibes out to you Play happily over RB, Diablo, and knock down a falling star or two to show your meowmmy that all is well with you now
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RIP Diablo
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I'm so sorry you lost Diablo, he sounds like a really great cat - your soulmate.

Rest in peace, Diablo
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