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The roads are awful

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We woke up to 12" of snow. Dh shovel so He could get to work, and I could take the kids to school. When I went out it was freezing rain. There are two trucks , one with four wheel drive stuck on the street. I told the kids you might as well go play in the snow . I decided that there was no way I was driving. I think we will do some Christmas baking. Make a ginger bread house.
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Aww thats sounds like sooo much fun making a gingerbread house, playing in the snow.

My Mom is in Chicago right now where it has snowed. I asked her had she been out to make any snow angels yet. Of course she hasnt and has no intentions of doing it.

I love snow.
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That sounds like a creative response to the situation! Hope you're having a super day.
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We also got close to 12" lastnight as well and much more on the way. It is really hard driving not only because it's slippery but because you can't see more then a few feet in front of you. Tons of storm warnigs on the TV and radio and they are telling everyone who doesn't need to go anywhere just to stay in.
Gotta love these Canadian Winters.

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wow snow. We havent any snow yet. At least not in the valley. I am so glad in a way but at the same time I guess we do need it for our water supply.
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