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Story on Cat Abuse may make network news!

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A reporter called Gary and I yesterday about an hour before she was supposed to go on TV to talk about a local animal abuse story. She wanted to make sure it was OK to post a link to the Stray Pet Advocacy (see my sig) website - how cool was that of her?

As it turns out, she e-mailed today to say she was told Fox network news is interested in airing the story, so it may run to a network audience!

She really wants to work to help educate people about animal abuse, so if you read the text or watch the video, please feel free to post a comment to help her network see it's an area of interest worthy of her time!

*******warning******* Story is a bummer.

STORY 5p, 9p Thurs 12/4/08 Glenpool Woman Admits to Deliberately Killing Kitten

expanded text version:


And mods - I didn't know where this belonged, so feel free to move it if I didn't pick the right forum.

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I'd like to stick her head in a trash can full of water.. hey it's humane way to kill, right? Only takes 20-30 seconds, right? I think that would be a fitting punishment!

I have 12 week old kittens I'm looking after now so this little guy was the same age. Argggghhh... Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
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RIP sweet baby.

I agree that they should stick the woman in a trash can full of water and drown her!
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ugh. it literally turned my stomach reading that.
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The woman needs to be water-boarded. That's just sick!
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that woman should be thrown in jail with hard time criminals and have her felony announced to all of them...that is not right and she deserves the same fate as that poor innocent cat..

what a horrible person..
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What's particularly tracgi is that animal abuse is common place... but because it is seldom witnessed or even premidated it doesn't get the acknowledgement it deserves. I'm glad they caught her but I'm sorry... $4,000 bail is NOT enough... neither is another $5,000 OR 5 years. It's never enough to justify the abuse or murder of an innocent animal and they are ALL innocent!
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