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Stuffed puppy

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I've always seen the pics where the dog doesn't look real....I kinda think Izzy looks that way sometimes. That & we have white everywhere (due to Twitch being white & the biggest shedder - we have white so her hair doesn't show ) so Izzy fades into all the pics....

I get this face all the time, ears flattened back looking right up at me as close as she can get to me so pitiful.....works every time

Funny thing is she needs to be groomed. She's not really that white in person . I combed her out this morning & as always, she's got the feet mats starting (downside to foo foo dog - must be combed every day - I skipped yesterday & she's already starting to form mats).

Of course - she's back to chewing her hair off in odd places - vet says there's nothing wrong with her - that it isn't allergies - he thinks she's nutso just from observing her for awhile - she's got some OCD issues - like mother, like daughter! (I am obsessive compulsive)

Anyways, long story longer.... I Izzy.
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Awwww look at that stuffed puppy, she looks just like Izzy

Shes so precious, Natalie. I love those sad eyes shes giving you.
Mine does the same thing. They really like to be around people
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My Lola gives me that "look", but she doesn't look anything like a stuffed puppy!

Izzy is adorable!
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Wow I almost need sunglasses Izzy is so bright white. The one of her giving you "the LOOK" is too funny. She is very pretty though with those black eyes and nose and snow white fur.
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Those beady little eyes freak people out sometimes. My one grandma doesn't like it when Izzy looks at her as it gives her "the willies".
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How could that sweet face give anyone the 'willies'??
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