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I don't have any direct experience with the situation you're going through, but I couldn't read this thread and not reply to your distress.

I feel for what you're going through and I can only imagine what a weight you're carrying around right now.

It sounds as though you've tried just about everything you possibly can. I think, sometimes, we take on more than we can or should because we don't want to give up, or we think we're responsible, or we think we just have to find the right thing to do and everything will be ok.

I can't recommend anything you haven't already tried. But I can tell you that sometimes it's ok to say, "I've done everything I can."

Is the quality of life of all involved good enough to justify continuing as you are? Maybe you could try a foster mom through a shelter, someone that has a quiet environment that could give your kitty a second chance.

Don't beat yourself up about the accident anymore. Not for one second longer. None of us can anticipate everything that could possibly happen, so we can't possibly be responsible for everything that actually does happen.

Whatever you decide, we're here for you.