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Stray kitty needs a home (Florida)

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I found a stray female cat last night and it was just too cold to leave her out. Shes on the thin side. She's going to be a fairly large cat when shes an adult! I would probably say shes around 1yr.
Shes ultra sweet and lives to have her head scratched and is talkative!
NOT good with dogs, they terrify her.
I just clipped her front nails last night and will give her a flea bath later today.

Free to anyone who is well known on this site.
I've already taken in 2 strays, I cant afford to support a 3rd.


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She looks exactly my cat that disappeared in March 2 years ago. Miew Miew.
Orange female tabby, skinny and slender .... about 1 year when she went missing. I just put my beloved 18 yr 3 mo old cat Diablo to sleep - my heart is heavy and sore with loss. but were I near you, I would help you with this little girl, in memory of my beloved Diablo... and in memory of my lost Miew Miew...

I've lost Sheba to CRF in march of this year, Diablo to CRF today,
and last year I lost my beloved cats Mee Mee and Miew Miew - they
disappeared within 2 wks of eachother - we never knew, but we suspect
the neighbors had made them disappear (eg trapped and dumped them.)

I never found either. Despite a desperate attempt and search for them.

So yes, please help this doll. She might be a cat like my Miew Miew - lost and in need of finding a home ...
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and update on "Pumpkin" the stray cat. She received her flea bath which she was none too happy about. She needs to go to as the only pet in the house. She hates other cats and is terrified of dogs. With people, she wants nothing but love! Shes also litter box trained.

I have an already paid for spaying voucher so whoever adopts her will be able to have her spayed for FREE!!!
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Still available. I posted her up on petfinder and reported her to the humane society in hopes that someone will claim her. I had one person interested but they arnt responding anymore.
Taking her to the local humane society if no one claims.

Here are a few better pictures of her. She LOVES to talk to you, follow you around, and snuggle with you when you sleep. Shes also started warming up to the other cats and even the dog!!! She would make the perfect pet for a calm, gentle child or adult.

We've decided to name her Pumpkin instead of "cat".
She comes with her collar and a Pre-Paid Spaying Voucher!!

Her only white marking.
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Pumpkin found a new home today! =D
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I am so happy! I live too far away and am going through some behavior problems with my group, but I was trying to figure out something for Pumpkin! Good for you for rescueing her!!
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