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Is it reasonable to ask a vet to come to my house to give my cat his shots?..

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I do not want to take my cat out to my vets because it's about a 20 minute drive and we just lost our cat and he watched me weekly taking her in the pet carrier out the door and now she is gone so I have a strong feeling he will be so scared thinking something is going to happen to him. So I want to get his shots updated which are due very soon and I was going to ask my vet to come to the house but I don't know if that is going to sound abnormal? Is this something people do? I dont' care about the money, I just want my cat to be here in his house and not scared.

Also what I am doing is getting him updated on his rabies and anything else I would need in the future if I adopt another cat, what can I make sure that is done so if I bring another cat home, my baby doesn't get sick?

Also I think I am getting really scared about everything since I lost my tazzy. Are any of the shots that he will get, is there a chance of sickness, he never got sick before but I am so paranoid right now?

Thank you, I am so happy I found these forums, I am suffering a great loss and so far there so many people have been so nice, it's amazing when strangers make you feel better then your own family & friends
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In my area, there are a couple of vets who do home visits. Not all will do it, but there's no harm in asking your vet.

I hope your vet can also allay some of your fears. (Surely it's normal, though, to be concerned about your cat's health after what you've been through!) Good luck to you.
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You might have to search around for a vet that does home visits; not all of them do.

I had to find a vet that did home visits when my Beagle was getting near the end; it would have been too stressful to put her in the car and take her to the vet at that point.

Please talk to your vet (or find one that you feel comfortable talking to) about all the things that you are afraid of; a good vet is more than happy to help you. Good luck.
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My previous vet would do home visits, but that was normally done for life threatening illnesses with my large dogs (they were too big to pick up and put into a car). I have 10 cats due for their shots later this month, and I was going to call my new vet today to see if she would come out to my house to take care of all of them at once.

It's always worth asking. Many vets simply won't do it.
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Check with the practice you've been working with first, and then, if they do not, call around. My practice does do house calls on request - costs a bit more, and timing is more at the vet's convenience than yours, but worth it if you need it. a lot of times if you're a long-standing good client, vets will make exceptions.

And, I agree - a good practice will be happy to set up an appointment for you to talk about all of your concerns. I've even asked if I should email or fax over a list of my questions, so the vet will be prepared to chat when I came in for the appointment. Good luck!
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Both of the vet clinics I work with do housecalls ... one charges an extra exam fee 34$( I think) the other charges an additional 60 and both are within 5 minutes of my house
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I am of the belief (others differ) that getting boosters offers no extra protection for your cat and may even weaken the original vaccine
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My friend never goes to the vet.
He comes there.
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My vet makes calls. Its 45 dollars for the trip (6 miles away) plus the
charge of whatever he has to do. ......10 yrs ago he charged 30. I've
had him come out for our cows but not our cats,but I'm sure he would
if I wanted to pay the 45....
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