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My car has lost its virginity

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I got into my first accident today, after driving for 5 years. Luckily it was a minor one. I was on a busy expressway stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. I needed to shift from the middle lane to the left lane. I spotted an opening in the traffic on the left lane and started moving left. I was keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic on the left lane, and didn't notice that the cars in front of me in the middle lane had stopped moving... till it was too late.

As soon as the accident happened, we both moved our cars to the road shoulder and exchanged particulars. I was completely stunned and all my commonsense flew straight out of the window. I didn't take the other drivers' license plate number, nor can I remember what make and model the other car was of. I didn't even think to take a photo of the damage to the other guy's car! I'm so stupid

Now I'm searching for places to fix my car. The damage isn't substantial. But my fear is that the other guy may try to cheat me of money by aggravating his own damage and making me pay more than I was supposed to.

I'm not going to insurance on this because I can't let my parents know. They'd kill me.

God I feel so dumb right now ...
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Wow, I'm glad you're ok! That's the important part. And, don't feel stupid...that's why they're call accidents...you didn't do it on purpose. We all have them. Sometimes there are so many things to look out for while driving it's amazing to me we even make it home some days.

If you can take care of it on your own, that is probably better than notifying the insurance company. I don't think you are required to notify them unless you are filing a claim.

And, you might be surprised of your parent's reaction. When I was in college and still on my parents insurance I actually backed into a horse trailer (yes...a HUGE horse trailer that I could see as plain as day!). However, I didn't notice the top hitch that hung down from the top....5-10 feet from the trailer itself. The same hitch that went right through my back window and almost through my friend's head who was sitting in the back seat. The window was shattered and I had to drive home in the middle of winter with a wind tunnel in my car. I told my mom, and she was sure dad was going to disown me, but he was really understanding. He said "accidents happen...but you're paying the deductible."

The most important thing is noone was hurt, and the damage is mainly cosmetic (I'm assuming). Heck, if it was my beat up car, I'd just live with the dents as long as it doesn't affect the handling. I firmly believe dents and dings give cars character!
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Good that no one was hurt! I started driving at 17, had my first "other car involved" (am not including the things that I've backed into!) when I was about 35. We bought a new Ford Expedition on Saturday.....Monday night, a week and two days later, a guy didn't notice we were stopped at a red light and smacked us in the rear. That was December of 2004, in October 2005 I stopped at a red light (same vehicle) and the lady behind me didn't....she hit me @50 mph or so. Oct. 2007 I was sitting in construction in my mom's Acura Legend when a coal truck hit a pickup behind me, the pickup hit the car in front of him, and the guy behind me tried his best not to hit me, but did....sigh!
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... i´m so sorry about that........after an accident the life is not the same.....
so all goes all rigth....
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