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Pic of me and Steven

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Here is a pic of me and Steven, my fiance, from a year ago in our old apartment...
My hair is longer now and my bangs have grown out. And I have gained about 6 pounds, ugh...

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You all look great together!
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Thanks! I am 6 1/2 years older than he is!!! The worst part of that is that we have been out together on two occasions and the waitress cards him and not me. It's kinda depressing! Oh well, such is life.

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Beautiful couple!! You two look just perfect together.
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Six and a half years is no big deal. You two look very cute together, and I really wouldn't worry about the age difference. The couple next door to us has been together forever (she turned 80 last December, and he just turned 67). Nobody thinks anything of it if the guy is ten years older! What's the difference? If Madonna and Susan Sarandon can do it, so can you!
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Cute Couple , You should post them on the Pictures!Pictures! Thread
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Your fience seems charming, and you make such a lovely couple!!!
I wish you all the best!!
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Ginger, You are so beautiful! BTW, Steven's a hottie too! You both look perfect for each other!
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You guys look very good together. Don't worry about the age difference, my hubby and I are 9 years apart. He is such an old man, and I'm still a spring chicken!!
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You are both just gorgeous!!!! And I wouldn't worry about the age difference at all!!! (we older women are much better and they know )
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