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I go tomorrow to put a deposit down on an apartment

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And since I will get the first month's rent free I will be able to move in within a week if that long. And he is going to work with me on the pet deposit and in Jan I am adopting a 16 year old cat that is in need of a home. The apartment is a one bedroom at $375 a month and I know most of the utilities are covered. if not all. My aunt said she would loan me $50 to help me get on my feet. The main thing will be getting food in the house for me and Lilly for the first two weeks. But after that we should be doing good. I have some canned goods here at my dad's house and some frozen veggies but I can manage. I will figure everything out after I talk to him tomorrow. Please send prayers that I get the apartment tomorrow. Because me and dad got into it and he said Lilly had to go and I said well then I am moving and he said well then I guess you will be moving. And my sister was here and made the comment that I would come home one day and Lilly would be gone. I told her I didn't find that funny. And I got my secret santa gift from my rat terrier site today and she was making fun of me for it. I thought it was horrible but I told them I would be moving. I can't believe I stood upto him. But he was threatening my baby. And I guess I have had enough. I am tired of being abused and made fun of and him doing it in the name of what's best for me. And I want my own place anyway. I will never learn to be on my own if I don't do it. So please send me some tcs vibes that I get in this apartment and get settled quickly.
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Congrats! I know it feels good to get into a new place...

But, out of curiosity, are you absolutely sure you're getting the actual first month free? I've had that before in a couple different places and what they do is take that months' rent and divide it up between the other 11 months (assuming it's a 12 month lease) and 'prorate' it... so your rent each month is lower than the actual rent, but you're 'getting a month free' because the total discount is equal to one months' rent. And you still pay twelve months, but at the discounted rent. Make sure it really is first month free, and not what I've described. Hope it's not... but just so you know, they may still want rent for the first month...

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He said first month free and it says so in the paper. And didn't say anything about paying later and talked like once I pay the deposits I can move in. I can't wait to get out on my own and i hope that Lilly adjusts quickly and I hope that once I am settled and adopt this cat she settles quickly too. She is 16 and her owners can't keep her and I offered to take her once I am settled as I already wanted another cat and this one is older and so I figured at 16 she would have a hard time finding a good home. And Lilly isn't good with kittens she wants to pack them around and so she does better with adult cats that can give her a swat. i hope and pray this all works out and that my dad doesn't hate me for leaving him. But I gotta do what's best for me for once.
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Sending you vibes that you will be moving into a place of your own soon!!
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Please follow up and let us know how it goes. I'm praying that you get your own place and have the frredom to live your life which you so deserve.
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