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Diagnosis: asthma

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Hi -

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I have a two-year-old cat who occasionally has a cough. He goes for weeks at a time with no problems, especially in the spring and summer months. However, winter is now on its way, and he has had a brief coughing episode on at least three occasions over the last couple of weeks.

I've discussed his condition with my vet, and I have a small supply of medication on hand for emergencies (I've never used it, but having it around does give me some peace of mind). However, the vet seemed alarmed when I told her this week of the recent episodes. She gave him a dose of prednisone then and there (his annual check-up was this week) and suggested that we consider purchasing an inhaler.

I've read about kitty inhalers in the past, and I'm not opposed to using one per se, but I'm reluctant to rush into it, because his coughing so far has been infrequent and mild. I have several questions: What if he doesn't have another episode for, say, a couple of weeks? Should we still treat the problem with an inhaler? Is there any risk involved in medicating for this problem if he doesn't yet need it? Or is it better to move forward with the medication, since asthma is progressive, and it could well get worse?

I do plan on discussing these questions with my vet, whom I like and respect, but I'm wondering if any members here have experiences/insights they would be willing to share.

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Coco gets the inahler and it works well.
This is what the aerokat looks like. It is safer then pred and Depo Medrol.
Coco had to stop getting the Depo shots because they made her get bladder problems. His asthma could be acting up even though he dosent cough.
Coco will wheeze but only the vet can hear it.

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I don't have any advice regarding asthma-related problems, b/c I've never had a cat that had them. The only times my cats coughed was when it was URI-related, and Geronimo & Winchester's coughing attacks were due to their FIP - which is being treated with Interferon and occasional doses of antibiotics.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope your baby doesn't have anything serious, and can be treated. I hope she'll be okay.
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Thank you. What I have read does support what you say - the inhaler is better than the pills or injections, because there are fewer side effects with the inhaler.

I think that at some level, getting the inhaler scares me because it will mean admitting that the asthma is serious. It makes me to sad to think that my buddy has a chronic, progressive illness. It does sound as if your cat is doing well, though.
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Coco has alot of problems but its because she is old.
Her asthma is ok right.
Do not be scared Coco has had asthma since she was young and she is 16.9 now.
She has crf,bladder problems,high bp and arthritis.
If you need to know anything about asthma just ask I can help.
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Again, my thanks to both of you for the kind words.

Mews2much - how frequent/severe were Coco's attacks before you started using regular medication?
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Coco would get Pred when it acted up and depo shots.
Sometimes her asthma was very bad other times you could not tell she has it.
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the coughing episodes are kitty trying to breathe, do not wait for the episodes to get more frequent or worse. Asthma is serious. My Linxy has been on the inhaler since he was 9 months. He is 6 now and as healthy as can be, being an asthmatic. Sending purrs and prayers
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Coco has had some very bad attacks.
I do not want to scare you but cats can die from asthma if it gets real out of control.
I almost did once.
Would you like to join the asthma group?
I can post a link if you want to join.
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I appreciate all the advice and the shared experiences, and as I mentioned, I will also be speaking with our vet again. (In the meantime, I also have meds on hand in case of a bad attack, so we are prepared.) It's heartening to hear that your cats are leading normal, healthy lives.
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